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  1. Grimmy2016

    Graduation Gift ideas for femal high school senior

    My daughter graduates this year and I would like to make her a gift to give her (beyond the other trips and gifts she will get from the wife and I) but I am not really sure what to make her. So I am asking for ideas on proejcts. She doesnt play any instruments, nor sports. She doesnt know for...
  2. Grimmy2016

    NEW DQ Vendor

    All, The North Carolina Furniture School has joined the list of our DQ vendors. Their discount program includes: $75 off of all 2 day classes: Use this code at checkout DVXE84E9 and 10% off of all Easy Wood Tools Chisels and carbide: EWZB7ZK8 NOTE: To get access to these codes you must go...
  3. Grimmy2016

    Big News Coming in October....

    Coming in October the North Carolina Woodworker site will have something new to share will all of our members and guest!! Any guesses what it might be?
  4. Grimmy2016

    Bandsaw drift

    I have recently RE-setup my Grizzly 17" bandsaw and made sure its on the highest speed, but no matter what type of wood I have it seems to drift AND burn the sides of the wood. anywhere from .5 inch and up to 2" causes this same drift - which always seems to be to the inside. I watch videos on...
  5. Grimmy2016

    HOW TO: Seal newly cut wood for bowl blanks?!?!

    I want to seal the bradford pear bowl blanks I had cut today. Should I wait a few days then do it? Can I use latex? Should I put them in plastic bags? I guess since I am new to turning and never had a fresh tree cut to deal with I really dont know the appropriate steps or timing to take them...
  6. Grimmy2016

    Bradford pear

    Having a bradford pear tree taken down tomorrow. Is it worth having them cut some bowl blanks? Or anyone want to make slabs. Its approx 20" diameter. Just need to decide tonight so i can leave instructions for them tomorrow
  7. Grimmy2016

    Instagram account is now LIVE

    All, The North Carolina Woodworker Instagram account is now officially up! Please follow us and we'll do our best to follow you back! You can find us at North Carolina Woodworker (@northcarolinawoodworker) • Instagram photos and videos Please include the following hashtags to help us...
  8. Grimmy2016

    Wall mounted clamp rack designs

    I did a search and most of the posts for designs on clamp racks were mobile. I need something I can hang on a wall or drops down from the ceiling (I have exposed beams in my workroom). Any ideas or plans for a rack for clamps in the 6" to 4' and a few small spring clamps. Thanks
  9. Grimmy2016

    Fractal Wood Burning Death

    Saw this in my hometown newspaper today. Just a reminder that we all need to be careful. Even though we have all seen the cool fractal burn designs we are cautioned to take extra care with electricity...
  10. Grimmy2016

    Grizzly 8' Spiral Cutterhead Jointer - G0490X FOR SALE
  11. Grimmy2016

    Vinyls lettering for craft wood working projects

    I am looking at doing a few craft projects for the holidays that use the PVPP method with vinyl letters. I am looking for a machine to cut the different words I need. Specifically at Cricut or Silhouettes. Does anyone have experience with these? Do you have one now and how often do you use it...
  12. Grimmy2016

    Mortiser vs Mortiser Drill Press Attachment

    I am looking at a project that needs multiple square holes (100+) and was thinking a mortiser would be the right way to go for expediency and accuracy. As I investigated I also came across a mortising attachment for my drill press. My question is one way better and more precise than the other...
  13. Grimmy2016

    Cutting boards: Can I use dyes or stains?

    Curious to know if there are any types of dyes or stains I can use on wood prior to putting on the finishing? I have a few boards I would like to make Carolina Panters, Duke, or UNC blue (take your pick) and then finish with Walrus oil or my standard mineral oil and beeswax concoction. I am...
  14. Grimmy2016

    CNC Machine for sale

    Not mine no interest
  15. Grimmy2016

    She went from suck to blow...................... the death of a dust collector

    My old Sears Craftsman dual engine dust collector gave out last night.. and I am looking at purchasing the following as a quick, cheap fix. I am also thinking of upgrading the bag to this to help with the...
  16. Grimmy2016

    Where can I find - Elm wood, Elm Trees for planting?

    So I have had a thing about Elm trees stuck in my brain for almost two years. I cant stop thinking about them.... most because I grew up on a tree lined street with these huge, magnificent Elm trees in Detroit. I dont know if they were American Elm or Dutch Elm or some other type. Just that...
  17. Grimmy2016

    Saw Stop $1500 Not mine and no interest.
  18. Grimmy2016

    Grizzly grinder for sharpening lawn mower blades

    Quick question. I am thinking of purchasing this ( based on prior forum discussions, primarily for chisels, and woodworking tools. BUT - can this, or should this, be used for sharpening lawn mower blades or other potentially really...
  19. Grimmy2016

    I'm still alive... really.... and will be active again soon.

    Just wanted to pop in and say hello! Been busy wrapping up classes for my accelerated MBA program and am thankfully on track to graduate in May!!!! So that means more time to spend goofing off in the wood shop and attending events again. Hope everyone is doing well and has been enjoyed the...
  20. Grimmy2016

    Who's up to the challenge to make one of these?

    Saw this on the Facebook today I think this looks pretty amazing. Anyone think they could make one?

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