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    New Mantle Installed

    Nice Accent to the Fireplace
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    Maple and Walnut chest of drawers

    Tim Beautiful work !!! ....... love the contrast. A suggestion, on taking the phtotos. If you add some additional back lighting you can get way better pixs. The cheapest and easiest way to do this is just use a bright desk light aim at the back above the subject matter and put a partially see...
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    What happens when we are gone?

    The Renaissance of people buying quality , wanting quality definitely has begun. I get a lot of requests for handmade furniture, mostly from people in thier 30's and 40's. Most get the IKEA stuff young starting out but then, realize quickly it is one time use stuff. It does not lend itself to...
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    Woods I am currently working with

    here is the test mock up is showing it in better light and I put some olive oil on it so it would photo better. # 3 is the tops back side so you can see it is mahogany
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    Woods I am currently working with

    I bought a bunch of wood at a closing business auction. I ended up with about 1500 bd ft of wood 65% is oak and 3 types Mahogany. The rest is just some really random stuff, I ended up with about 18 different types of wood. Katalox, since you are on the mainland there is a company in...
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    Woods I am currently working with

    Hi All, Thought I would share some of the woods I am currently working with. Besides Mahogany, Oak, Cherry, Beech and Maple, I have a fair amount of other woods. For some reason these are available in the Islands, Australian Iron Wood, Koa, mango and Monkey Pod, there are others I use Including...
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    led strip/tape lighting

    Also, besides getting reliable lights, when installing make sure you run straight, if you use double stick tape this works well to get a straight and clean job. Then you can use elec staples if deired on the ends or along the way. If you do, it is better to use the stainless ones.
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    Misaligned holes in tile for shower enclosure

    Yeah this stuff will do the trick as well this stuff is good... forgot about this
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    Misaligned holes in tile for shower enclosure

    There are a few of ways to approach this: Clean and prep with Denatured or isopropl alcohol....... this is critical it is clean. 1. stuff a small amount of papers in the hole to create some backing. Because the hole is small it can be tricky. Or, you could use expando-foam (wear gloves and...
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    Bees wax

    Beeswax without other oils will scrape off I use it all the time.. If you mix with other stuff (mineral oil, etc) it strengthens the finish. But alone is stay on the surface
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    Recent Turnings

    Awesome wonderful !
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    Godspeed, Bruce , my dad always said "getting old ain't for the weak" .........
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    Moisture in Air lines throughout shop

    Air coming in is humid the issue is when compressing it increases within the tank. The way we do it out here in Hawaii are a couple of ways. 1. With running the intake from an AC fresh air source. You could pull air from your home if it is conditioned, this has been dehumidified by the AC...
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    Q&A - Science Behind Wood Coatings

    My experience with all the low voc is the coating thickness, like you it takes too long to dry and it is too thin for the work. THe only exception I have found is the 2 part water based epoxy coatings, they seem to do ok. I guess I am just old school
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    Pedestal Table: Completed!

    Looks Great ! ........... I bet someone will say "Wow! ... it looks like a professional did this..." :D :oops: :p
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    Bosch Drill/Driver PS20 clutch - toss or repair?

    Yup update is the best option
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    WTB Formica

    Agreed, the Restore-(habitat) may or may not have some, but they ALWAYS have Formica top cutoffs for a couple of bucks. You can strip the Formica off them in a pinch you would get a 22-23" net width.
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    Help Needed

    Mine as well -
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    Older Festool tracksaw

    Like NCPete said you really need to see the condition and how it was treated before buying, but 300 bucks for a track saw ..... great price
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    Is there a suitable, cost effective replacement for cypress?

    To me nothing is like cypress,, but some of the junipers have wood that will look like it.

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