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    Woods I am currently working with

    Hi All, Thought I would share some of the woods I am currently working with. Besides Mahogany, Oak, Cherry, Beech and Maple, I have a fair amount of other woods. For some reason these are available in the Islands, Australian Iron Wood, Koa, mango and Monkey Pod, there are others I use Including...
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    Forrest II Blade

    I finally broke down and got a Forrest Saw Blade, the 48 tooth one. ........... Wow ! This is a good blade, I was using an Amana before, it is a good blade as well. But, the quality and accuracy of this blade is really noticeable. The cut finish is plane quality finish. Just posted to say...
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    Hegner Scroll Saw Question Someone is selling for 300 bucks

    I thinking if I can get this I am going to as long as it is in decent shape I am assuming this is a great price pix looks ok Hegner scroll saw with stand - $300
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    How I always rememebr Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all. ..........:) In my earlier years, I was a musician, specifically a classical musician. I played in various symphony/ symphonic groups for about 15 years. Wrote music and did arrangements for radio and TV ...... a lifetime ago. Coming from a large family we all played...
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    Bench Vise Screw How to Acquire for Nothing

    Hi all thought I would share one of the ways you can get a vise screw for nothing more than time. Time to disassemble. OS & Y Valves are water valves you see on larger mains and fire sprinkler supply lines. Typically, in larger buildings, high rises and bigger commercial and industrial type...
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    Toy for Tots Realistic Truck Model Suggestion

    Finally ! we can make a true to scale looking Truck out of wood. Image the kids joy in seeing a real spittin' image of a 2020 truck currently on the market !! Seriously, this truck design is a perfect example why people shouldn't use drugs :D But Hey ! at least we can finally make a real...
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    Stable Rubber Mats

    Don't know if anyone has ever tried these: 4'x6 ft Rubber stable Mats WE use these to put on slabs to cut vibration from Air Handling Equipment. They work very well, I brought a couple pieces to try outy on my lathe to reduce the vibration. My Lathe is 435 lbs but not bolted down, this does...
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    Safety with Power - Elec Look at this !

    One of my Union Electricians wanted to be helpful to one of our clients. Currently we are modernizing 5000 homes on a couple of military bases. So when we swap out the Air Conditioning system , we provide temp cooling for that one night they are without A/C. We are under contract to provide...
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    Consideraing getting a metal machine which would be more useful.

    Been looking at benchtop lathes and or mills .......... Everything I have been looking at has a 1.5 or 2 hp motor . I have used them before and on occasion still do, but thinking it would be really cool to have something I can make tooling and other parts with. I have been leaning more towards...
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    Thanksgiving Thoughts

    As this time of the year comes, I Always look at all the things I can be thankful for, Family, Faith, Work, Friends and Health. My immediate family when growing up was 10, then 9 and then, between 2003-2005 went to 4. All had passed for various reasons. So now, during this day I reflect on all...
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    Cheap Tools

    Not sure where I got this gouge, but it was what I grabbed to test the new DC motor I installed on my lathe. I was cutting on a bowl blank and hit a small knot (I think) and the toll jammed. But instead of the motor stopping it just sheared this tool. Goes to show you what cheap-Chinese high...
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    Dewalt 20v Battery A Look Inside

    I am working on anew tool for work and needed a cannibalize a Dewalt battery. I had a 2013 2 amp hr battery that was beginning to not hold a charge. So, I took it apart to get what I needed from it. As you can see, it is nothing more than 5 - 18650 3.7 volt batteries wired in series. The...
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    Intro of me (oka) albeit late

    Hi All, Been here for a few months and noticed in my profile I never formally introduced myself. My name is Casey. I use the handle "oka" mostly because when I first started typing on the internet I was so slow I wanted something easy to type. It means "Hill" in Japanese. Funny how many...
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    Poplar Bench

    I mentioned in another thread I had made a Bench out of Poplar. Mostly because it was an orphan piece of wood. 6' 2x14. Most of woods I work with are way harder African mahogany is the softest wood I usually work with, on occasion I get Black Walnut or Cherry, but mostly exotics. Anyway I cut...
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    Measuring, Marking and Calibration Tools

    I was cleaning up my shop a bit and realized I was not putting my measuring and marking tools away in the same spot. After cleaning up, I figured I would post some of these to share what I am using for measuring and marking. With the exception of the digital calipers, most of the calibration...
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    Added a Ring to the drill press quill acuator handles

    Added a wooden ring to the actuator handles so I could have better control. Does help, - next time when I do this Ill get the right router bit. All I had was a 1" 45 deg, made for way too much sanding
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    NC Woodworker inspired vise Thx !

    All, I had planned on making an end table vise. Originally, I had planned on making the screws, but after seeing the post on making a moxon vise using the Walmart dumbell screws, I thought ........ AHA ! So, this was a result of that postings hats off to our group for the inspiration and tip...
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    Narex Chisel Find

    I found a set of chisels from a local guy. 40 bucks 8 Narex Chisels New never been used . The guy was retired and had planned on using them but never did. 95 year edition In the box ........ FYI if you have not used Narex chisels they are an excellent chisel. This Czech company makes a...
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    Added a DRO on my table saw

    Finally broke down and spent the money to get a Wixey DRO. Had to create an adapter and reverse the side it is on. As you can see I used a 14 ga piece of metal on the inboard side to attach the head unit. Added an extra magnet to make sure it will track correctly. .... It is accurate to beyond...
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    Boring head for sale

    Not sure if this would want/need anything like this or anyone would be interested in, but I know this shop, and it is a good price ...... as long as you have a boring machine already NEW Grizzly Boring Head Motor for Grizzly Spindle G4185 If any one actually wants it I could get it for you...

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