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  1. Steve_Honeycutt

    Graduation Gift ideas for femal high school senior

    Similar to Bob's suggestion, a collapsible bookcase. You could put an inlay in the back with her name, favorite pet, favorite saying, etc. I made a bookcase one time where they could insert pictures in the side.
  2. Steve_Honeycutt

    Looking for Ebony

    West Penn Hardwoods lists 4/4 ebony 3"- 8" wide and 2' - 4' long. Have you thought about ebonizing oak or some other hardwood?
  3. Steve_Honeycutt

    How to bevel the edge of a circle?

    Unless you want to buy a router bit, I would use the router pin concept on the table saw. You could clamp two boards in a “V” shape on the table saw. With some careful measuring and test cuts, you could have this finished quickly.
  4. Steve_Honeycutt

    Lovingly Remembered

    Phil, I‘m so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
  5. Steve_Honeycutt

    Switch for Delta Bandsaw

    Bob, Thanks for sharing your research. This is very good information.
  6. Steve_Honeycutt

    Switch for Delta Bandsaw

    That Powertech switch looks like the one that was on it.
  7. Steve_Honeycutt

    Switch for Delta Bandsaw

    Thanks Bruce, I should have provided more complete information. The band saw is a Rockwell model 28-203 with a 1.5 hp Dayton motor. It has an enclosed stand.
  8. Steve_Honeycutt

    Switch for Delta Bandsaw

    I need to replace the on/off switch on my Delta band saw. Any advice that people can provide, such as where to buy, anything to be careful of, or a good switch to get would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Steve_Honeycutt

    Air-Dried Walnut For Sale

    I am posting this for a friend. His contact information is at the end. This is air-dried walnut that has been in storage for about 35 years. Walnut 4 X 4 X 100 Eight, Approximately 88 Bd. Ft. $6.00/Bd. Ft Walnut Live Edge, 2 X 10 X 105 Fifteen, Approximately 217 Bd. Ft. $7.00/Bd. Ft...
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    Walnut 1.jpg

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    walnut 2.jpg

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    walnut 3.jpg

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    walnut 4.jpg

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    walnut 5.jpg

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    walnut 6.jpg

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    walnut 7.jpg

  17. Steve_Honeycutt

    Needed: Enterprising Person

    Chris, I could use 10-20 bdft of sapele.
  18. Steve_Honeycutt

    Needed: Enterprising Person

    There have been group buys before. The last one I recall was from an ad on Craigslist.
  19. Steve_Honeycutt

    Needed: Enterprising Person

    I see that West Penn is selling African Mahogany and Sapele for $2.50 per bdft for 4/4, but you have to buy a large bundle to get this price. They are also selling 8/4 for $2.75 per bdft. This sale is Oct 24-26. An enterprising person with a truck and trailer would purchase a bundle and...

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