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  1. Bas

    The butterfly effect

    A few months ago I bought a 3D printer. Fully assembled, it's about 12x12x12. I think I have a belt sander bigger than that! But amazingly enough, this small addition has led me to completely reorganize/ clean up my shop, in two ways. First, I needed a place to put it, as far from the dust/...
  2. Bas

    Shop cleanup - flip top shop cart with miter saw $30 *SOLD*

    I built this flip top cart years ago, but since I now have a full miter saw bench I no longer need it. Built using beautifully figured plywood. trimmed with quartersawn beech, and protected with a handrubbed finish, this cart has withstood the test of time. Which is a problem because I just...
  3. Bas

    Shop cleanup - 16 Blum Euro hinges $10

    Bought these for a project, changed my mind and used different hinges. I could hold on to these for another 10 years hoping I have another cabinet project, or face reality and sell them :D Hinges and covers are new in sealed bag. Purchased from Custom Service Hardware. Asking $10. I'm located...
  4. Bas

    Shop cleanup - miscellaneous *UPDATED FOR SHOP CRAWL*

    (HANGING BINS SOLD TO DOUG) Various items still for sale. I'm located in North Raleigh (I-540 & Falls of Neuse Rd). Harbor Freight hose reel new in box, $10 Rockler F-style clamp rack, new in bag $10 Small parts organizers. Each one is 15"W x 6"D x 18"H. Used, all four for $10 Blum Euro...
  5. Bas

    Shop cleanup - Veritas grinding set $35 - SOLD -

    I bought this years ago with a standard bench grinder. Discovered you really need a slow speed grinder for sharpening chisels! Barely used. There is a bit of wear on the paint on the jig (shown in the photo), and the knob on the grinding jig has some discoloration. Full details here are on the...
  6. Bas

    Shop cleanup - Dust Collection parts *SOLD*

    This is a pretty complete setup for a 4" dust collection system. All fittings and pipe are thin wall Sewer&Drain pipe (ASTM 2729), which is somewhat lighter than the typical schedule 40 PVC. Included in the lot: (8) aluminum blast gates, 4" diameter (made by the Blastgate Co) (8) 4" to 3"...
  7. Bas

    Is a 3D printer useful in the shop? Yes!

    I went ahead and got a 3D printer, once you've got a bug up your behind about a new tool you know you're going to lose that battle. I bought a Prusa MK3S, very happy with the purchase. There are more affordable machines out there but I wanted something that would just work. First order of...
  8. Bas

    Free: Craftsman mortise and tenon fixture

    I've had this thing for years, picked it up used from someone else, and it's been collecting dust ever since. Time for it to collect dust in someone else's shop :-) It appears to be complete, but I've never used it. It even includes the manual. If you want to know what it looks like, take a look...
  9. Bas

    3D printer for the woodshop

    Does anyone use a 3D printer for woodworking-related items? I saw this video on creating a custom dust collection fitting, which was pretty slick. For some reason every router, sander, jigsaw and vacuum all have a slightly different connection, which is mildly infuriating. Printing your own...
  10. Bas

    Miter saw dust collection

    I finally got the dust collection done for my miter saw. Well, almost. But the hard part is done. When I ran the duct work in my shop originally, I created a separate branch for the future miter saw station. That was about 8 years ago. I know, pretty quick, right! So this is what I started...
  11. Bas

    Miter saw bench track/ stop block

    I'm getting ready to install the T-track into my miter saw bench. I will route a groove so it sits flush with the top, then secure the track with some screws. This is a really nice track from Lee Valley, it has a built-in slot for attaching tape. I plan to have ~7ft on the left and ~3ft to the...
  12. Bas

    Cabinets for the finishing room

    I took Phil's advice and got 'er done, installed the cabinets I picked up this morning. Super happy with the result, got rid of an old nasty standing cabinet that was overflowing with stuff, now all my finishes and paints are neatly organized. Phil - THANK YOU FOR THE CABINETS! There is a...
  13. Bas

    Miter saw dust collection & airflow

    I'm going to build a dust collection for my new Bosch CM10GD glide saw (stealth gloat). I've read a bunch of articles and forum posts on the challenges of taming dust on the miter saw, and seen a lot of the solutions. I plan to build a box behind the saw, with some inserts to block off the...
  14. Bas

    Patio door/ installer recommendation

    I need to replace the patio door in my basement. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good French door model? The only caveat is that the size is somewhat nonstandard; the height is 80", but the width (jamb to jamb) is 65". They do seem to come in 64" widths which would be close enough...
  15. Bas

    Photos in portrait orientation

    I can't seem to figure out how to post photos that use portrait orientation. Photos uploaded to the gallery as-is from the camera automatically rotate to landscape. Edited photos appear fine as portrait thumbnails in the gallery, but are then "stretched" when viewed. Regardless of what it looks...
  16. Bas

    Zen and the Art of Sanding

    A short treatise on why the Festool Domino is the most useless tool ever invented and Why Roy Underhill is the smartest woodworker in the world and How man relentlessly pushes himself forward, not because of some noble motivation but because he grossly underestimated the effort Like any...
  17. Bas

    Willow Spring to North Raleigh/ RTP/ Cary

    Folks, I've graciously offered to help MarkE get rid of some clutter in his shop :-) No heavy cast iron or unwieldy lumber, just some plastic dust collector bags. If anyone could get them from Willow Spring a little closer to North Raleigh, that'd be great. I frequently travel to RTP and Cary...
  18. Bas

    Cyclone dust collector drum liners

    Finally had a little time for some woodworking this weekend, only to discover the dust collector bin was full. After emptying the bag I noticed I left a small trail of dust in the shop, the bag has sprung a small leak. Of course, this is my last bag, so duct tape to the rescue. It'll hold, but I...
  19. Bas

    Cypress or red cedar

    I've done absolutely nothing in the shop for almost a year now, so it's time to make some sawdust. Figured I'd start with something simple like a few planters to get back into the swing of things. I need ~80 - 100 bd ft of 4/4 cypress or red cedar. Any recommendations on who has this in stock...
  20. Bas

    Natural stairs

    Saw this on the web....just wow!

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