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    Ancient Jointers

    Mike, there is always K&L scrap down on Old Garner Rd. They buy scrap metal. Better than the landfill. Roy G
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    Latest Project

    What's in the island? I see a sink, a microwave and maybe a dishwasher. That's really good use of the space. Roy G
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    Tool of the past or is a radial arm saw awesome?

    I always thought the RAS was designed for left-handed people. You turn it on, grab the stock with your right hand and pull the cutting part through with your left hand. No hands anywhere near the blade. Right-handed people tend to grab the pull handle with their right hand, putting the left...
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    Door Magnet Kit Question

    Mike, you can file a little notch in the cup so you can stick in a narrow screwdriver to pry out the magnet, if you need to remove it. I have used the magnet+cup for several cabinet doors and never had a problem with the magnets coming out. Roy G
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    How many slivers do you have currently?

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    Scandinavian workbench

    That looks very similar to one I built according to an article in FWW by Tage Frid. Roy G
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    Knew Concepts saw

    Hank, I don't have any experience with the Knew saw, but when I use a coping saw I frequently have to rotate the blade, like when I am cleaning out dovetails. I would think that function is pretty essential, you may have other thoughts. Roy G
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    If you just gave up?

    Mike, I would sell the larger stationary tools like the radial arm saw and planer. Probably keep the bandsaw, drill press and table saw. Definitely keep the lathe because that's fun. More than likely thin the herd of chisels-who needs 37 chisels? Roy G
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    I used to make everything I needed with...

    The dining room table I made as my first real project took a Sears table saw, a Sears 3/8" drill, a Sears jack plane, several bar clamps and a lot of sandpaper. Roy G
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    Forstner Bits

    I have used a hole-cutter for larger holes. It has the adjustable cutter so you have infinite sizes at hand. Pretty cheap and it does work. Roy G
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    Lumber addiction

    You know, AA has a 12 step program for recovering addicts. You could build a staircase with that wood. Just a thought. Roy G
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    Switch for Delta Bandsaw

    I would be looking for a motor starter, rather than a switch. They look the same but the contacts are much beefier on the starter and the construction is much heavier duty. Try eBay or craigs list. Roy G
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    Lumber addiction

    Willem, I think your statement should be "I don't have a need for it, right now." I'm sure something will turn up, if nothing happens soon, ask your wife and I'm sure she'll have a few suggestions. Roy G
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    CA Glue and Titebond III long term test

    Seeing the Thomas the Tank Engine sheets on the bed, I would say your technique has stood up to some hard usage. Looks like it would be usable in other pieces of furniture that you don't want to show nail holes. Thanks for posting. Roy G
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    bandsaw HP

    Power transmission might limit how much HP you can use. Do you have multiple belts on your present set up? My tablesaw has a 2 HP motor and has 3 belts. Your 10 HP would need at least that many, I would think. You also need to have very sharp bandsaw blades if you want to resaw thick stock...
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    Bloxygen results

    Joe, i have also had good luck with Bloxygen but I didn't like the price. I tried some of those bags that Lee Valley sells to store finish in and they work at half the price of the Bloxygen. But it's not near as convenient since you have to make sure you get all the air bubbles out of the bag...
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    Grizzly G1019 Band Saw

    Khestee, a good rule of thumb for used tools is to figure about half the cost of a new one if the condition is very good. For wear, or missing parts or damage, lower the price. You can always figure what you can afford and offer that to see if the seller is willing to bargain. Roy G
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    band saw question

    I have a General 15" and needed new tires. I tried the urethane tires but they came off after a short time. I went with rubber tires and they have held up well. Try Iturra Designs on the internet. You have to call them up they don't have a web page but they can fix you up. Roy G
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    Tool of the past or is a radial arm saw awesome?

    I have a DeWalt GA which is a 14" RAS. I got it when I was doing a lot of fencing and had to cut the 4x4 posts. Not so easy to do on a table saw and my miter saw is only 8 1/2" so no solution there. With the RAS I can cut through the 4x4 in one pass and don't have to stop and reposition the...
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    Sweet little band saw

    Mike, the ad showed it is a 12" Duro. Click on the cast iron band saw under the picture. Roy G

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