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  1. photostu

    If you just gave up?

    My wife would kill me, so everything is staying. LOL
  2. photostu

    Wet spindles into mills

    These are gorgeous, really love the spalted ones. After attempting to duplicate a more intricate design for a pair, this style seems like the best bet for mass production. Do you mind sharing where you get the hardware for this style?
  3. photostu

    Wet spindles into mills

    I will let them dry. I just cleaned out my dust collection bin, so I have bags of shavings to put these into. Thanks guys for the advice!
  4. photostu

    Wet spindles into mills

    I purchased some wet 3x3x12 spindles to make into pepper/salt mills. I've turned them into round blanks and now I'm wondering how long they need to dry out. Still new to turning hence the question. Do I need to get a meter and measure the moisture and wait until a desired value? Can I turn and...
  5. photostu

    Table done with modifications

    Thank you very much for sharing!
  6. photostu

    Table done with modifications

    Gorgeous table, would love to see more detailed pics without the chairs in the way so we can see more of the base :)
  7. photostu

    Grizzly G0609X and Harbor Freight Dust Extractor

    Yes, I did and it works perfectly. I took all of my guidance from this video:
  8. photostu

    My first ever turnings, pair of mills

    Thank you guys for the suggestions. I will certainly look for a matte style final coat as I don't want gloss for these items.
  9. photostu

    My first ever turnings, pair of mills

    Used walnut and spalted maple for the pepper and salt mills, respectively. Both mills turned out great and work as expected. I did go for the duplication and was mostly successful. The client, aka the Mrs., was happy so that's what counts! Sanded both down to 1200 grit and then finished both...
  10. photostu

    Workbench top help

    syp seems to be the most affordable hardwood option. Seems like you would spend more on ply, but maybe not?
  11. photostu

    Big News Coming in October....

    25% off Festool at Klingspor's! :D
  12. photostu

    Mounting Wood on a Lathe particularly for small opening vessels

    Great article, I also found your honey blog post, a really great read! I'm not a big honey guy, but now I want to try some of yours :)
  13. photostu

    New Member from Fuquay-Varina

  14. photostu

    Latest Turnings

    amazing work Charlie!
  15. photostu

    Impressive but unsafe Russian woodturner video.

    That was amazing.
  16. photostu

    Should I get the contractor or professional sawstop

    You will regret not getting the cabinet saw.
  17. photostu

    For Sale: Hanging Air Cleaner/filter Grizzly G0738

    If you were closer, I would take it.
  18. photostu

    WEN air filtration

    That Izzy Swan video is just an ad for a filter supplier. Here is a link for a build: Just need to make sure to use a box fan that has a shroud, or else your cfms will suffer with this design. Here is perhaps a better design:
  19. photostu

    WEN air filtration

    Posted 2 mos ago, wow. Has anyone made a custom air filter using a box fan with a custom enclosure with multiple filters? This is the way I'm leaning, seems like this will move more air than these smaller units. Thoughts?
  20. photostu


    I would be interested in some poplar if its not gone. I can come out to you on Friday.

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