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  1. Sam Knight

    John C Campbell Folk School

    Headed out to John C Campbell Folk School tomorrow for a week long class. The class is Hewing and carving for spoons and bowls taught by Rodney Hopkins. I've been looking forward to this class for a while now. I've never been to the folk school. Has anyone on here been that would like to give me...
  2. Sam Knight

    Hand plane restoration

    I just finished restoring my first hand plane. It’s a Stanley Bailey 5 1/4 hand plane with April 1910 date. Man that was cool to do. Loved the whole process and finally watching it take thin shavings. Ready for my next one. Lol
  3. Sam Knight

    Anyone build this vise or one similar?

    I want to add a moxon style type of vise to my workbench to securing wood for cutting dovetails or hand planing stock. I don't really have the funds to buy the expensive benchcrafted moxon vise kit so turned to youtube. :) Jay Bates has several different versions of his bar clamp twin screw...
  4. Sam Knight

    2nd Place prize-John C Campbell Folk School

    Wow! Mike Mathews called Saturday to tell me I won a prize at the picnic raffle. Believe it or not, when I was purchasing my tickets and looking at the prizes that were to be raffled off, the John C Campbell Folk School prize was #1 on my list. Last year the prize recipient put it up for sale...
  5. Sam Knight

    Drawknife recommendations

    Hello all, I've recently started some greenwood spoon carving. Plan on building a shaving horse/ spoon mule soon and wanted to ask advice on buying a drawknife. I have been watching ebay wanting to just buy a vintage drawknife but not sure which to get. Which brand, straight or curved, length or...
  6. Sam Knight

    Rockwell Jawhorse on sale

    Great deal on this Rockwell Jawhorse at Lowes yesterday if anyone is looking for one. Normal price $120 marked down to $85 then again to $67. The Roxboro Lowe's had about 4 more in stock yesterday. I got mine! April Wilkerson swears by her Triton Superjaws which is very similar to this one...
  7. Sam Knight

    Workshop suggestion

    I believe Santa is bringing me some carving knives for Christmas. Yea! Was hoping someone would like to set up some carving classes in the near future. I'm interested in spoon, chip and relief carving. Any others interested in some carving classes?
  8. Sam Knight

    Recent turnings

    Here are some of my more recent turnings. 1st pic-Cedar end grain bowl 2nd pic-Pecan lidded bowl 3rd-Bowl from limb section of unknown wood (Oak maybe?) 4th-Pecan bowl 5th-Sea Urchin christmas ornament 6th- pair of maple bowls
  9. Sam Knight

    Pecan lidded bowl

    This was an Anniversary gift I made for the wife. She loved it. Spalted pecan with mating lid made from 1 piece.
  10. Sam Knight

    Blacksmith tools and general info

    Hello everyone, I have been woodworking for a little while now and have always had an itch to try some forging, specifically bladesmithing (although I would guess I'd need to start with some basic forging processes before moving on to knife making?). I want to see if anyone on here has a forge...
  11. Sam Knight

    Bifocal safety glasses in the shop

    I am at that age (47) that I must use glasses to see precision details in the shop. This is especially true when trying to cutting dovetails and such. I have a pair of bifocal safety glasses that I wear most often but find that the small magnifying section on the bottom of the glasses makes it...
  12. Sam Knight

    Jet 1642 lathe on sale for 92% off at Amazon?

    Ok, so I came across this listing on Amazon for a Jet 1642EVS-2 2HP 230 volt 1 phase lathe for $254 plus $232.50 shipping. That is 92% off the original list price of $3140! How can this be? Sounds very fishy to me. I know that this lathe had some speed control issues but at that price it could...
  13. Sam Knight

    What kind of mallet for cutting dovetails do you use?

    I'm looking to make a mallet to use when cutting dovetails or mortises but am unsure which type works better. Maybe it is more of a personal preference but I thought I'd ask. I do have a lathe so turning a maple one was my initial thought. The square head dead-blow type was another one I was...
  14. Sam Knight

    Klingspor Green Wood Sealer

    I have a bunch of green turning blanks that I need to cut and seal. Does anyone have any experience with Klingspor's Green Wood Sealer? Is it as good Anchorseal? I have been using old latex paint and have noticed some checking from the blanks painted with latex and want to try something made for...
  15. Sam Knight

    Reeves drive type lathe speeds

    Just wanted to share a small tip to those that may have a Reeves-type lathe or Shopsmith. I purchased a used Shop Fox lathe and the minimum lathe speed that it would go down to was 690 RPM's. Watched a few videos on maintenance on these lathes and decided to try it myself. First I bought a...
  16. Sam Knight

    Looking for someone with a Worksharp 3000 they don't use and would sell.

    Want to purchase a Worksharp 3000 and thought I'd check to see if someone has one sitting around collecting dust that they would like to sell. Thanks!
  17. Sam Knight

    Rocket Mass Heater or other suggestions

    Hello all, I am looking for a heat source for my workshop. At the moment I am insulating the ceiling and walls. It is approximately 15'x30' in size with a concrete floor and is a separate building from my house. I have been thinking all along that I would be getting a 220v ceiling electric...
  18. Sam Knight

    Valentine's Vase and flowers

    Here was the Valentine's gift I made for my wife. It was my first time making a tulip or vase. The tulips were made after I watched Carl Jacobson's video. Summary of what I did was. -Drill 3/4" hole about 3/4 of the way through the block and a 1/4" hole on the other. -On the bandsaw cut a...
  19. Sam Knight

    Recent turnings

    Hello all, Here are some of my recent turnings. Mostly items for Christmas gifts for friends and family. Thanks for looking. 1st pic- Spalted sycamore and spalted maple bowls. About 10" in diameter and 5" deep. 2nd pic- Smallish Ash bowl maybe 5-6" wide? 3rd pic- Maple bowl about 7" wide and 3"...
  20. Sam Knight

    2nd attempt at a goblet

    Here is the 2nd goblet I've made to date. It was turned from an old piece of cedar given to me by a friend. An inclusion in the base was left in it due to the shape of the log. Thought about cutting it off and turning a separate piece then gluing them together but the wife said she liked it...

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