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  1. Stuart Kent

    North Carolina Furniture School

    Thank You for the kind words Ed, it was really my pleasure to have you in the class. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
  2. Stuart Kent

    Exterior highly durable finish???

    Sikkens Cetol.
  3. Stuart Kent

    Entering the World of Crepe Myrtle

    the only successes I have seen with crape myrtle were stabilized in a pressure pot
  4. Stuart Kent

    Attaching leather to wood.

    wood glue and leather works fine. It's been used in the furniture industry to glue leather to desktops and other applications for a LONG TIME
  5. Stuart Kent

    Quiet cyclone dust collector

    If you want quiet, come visit the school and see our Harvey G700. We have two of them and they are absolutely amazing! The moving air is much louder than the machine. They aren't cheap, but I couldn't be happier with them.
  6. Stuart Kent

    Attaching leather to wood.

    good old fashioned wood glue. pick your brand. works for the rest of your lifetime, and probably the next.
  7. Stuart Kent

    Table for Raleigh Mayor's Office

    don't have much time this morning, so here's the 'canned soup' version: using species with high tannic acid (ie. oak), you build a plastic tent around the piece. Then you place a container (I use a glass pie dish) with a quantity of aqueous ammonia, under the work piece. The fumes from the...
  8. Stuart Kent

    Table for Raleigh Mayor's Office

    very funny! Thank you for the kind words!
  9. Stuart Kent

    Table for Raleigh Mayor's Office

    it was felled by the City of Raleigh I think, and then transported by my dear friend, the late Mr. Greg Poole Jr. to American Woodyards in Raleigh. They milled the log, and another was milled by our friend Scott Smith. I made bowls for the private donors that purchased Dix Park from the slabs...
  10. Stuart Kent

    Truly new and improved

    bravo all, bravo.
  11. Stuart Kent

    Table for Raleigh Mayor's Office

    good old fashioned elbow grease and dedication my friend.
  12. Stuart Kent

    Table for Raleigh Mayor's Office

    you are partially correct. A group of private individuals purchased the property and gave it to the city under the conditions that it be used as a park and not to be developed. The bond you referenced was a part of the deal, but far from the whole deal. There are many who tried to undermine the...
  13. Stuart Kent

    Table for Raleigh Mayor's Office

    the finish is layered: fumed, dyed, stained, lacquered, waxed. This wood was problematic from the outset. I did more to repair the raw material than was reasonable. It was dried incorrectly, had MANY cracks, splits, checks, etc. In the end, it worked because it looks like it's genuinely old.
  14. Stuart Kent

    Table for Raleigh Mayor's Office

    I delivered a table to the office of the Raleigh Mayor, Nancy McFarlane on Thursday. It is was made from a post oak tree planted in 1856 at the Dorothea Dix Mental Hospital, which was the year the hospital opened. As many of you are aware, the hospital was closed in 2005. The entire 365 acre...
  15. Stuart Kent

    New member from Fayetteville

  16. Stuart Kent

    Outdoor finish

    I use it frequently and love it. I have used most of the other outdoor finishes (Epifanes, Spar, W.lox Marine, etc.) and Cetol outperforms all of them. I think it is really a whole different class of finish. When it wears it becomes dull, and then you simply wash it down, scuff sand it, and...
  17. Stuart Kent

    Wood ID??

    I have to agree with Bob. Birch typically has close-grained surface texture, similar to maple or cherry. the weight and density are the problems. The grain and color look like African Mahogany or Spanish Cedar, but it cannot be either if it is heavier than oak and too hard to dent with a...
  18. Stuart Kent

    Wood ID??

    heavier than white oak? ok. that may change things a little. is it waxy or oily feeling at all?
  19. Stuart Kent

    Wood ID??

    looks like African Mahogany or possibly Spanish Cedar. Does it dent easily with your fingernail? Is it more similar in weight to black walnut or poplar?
  20. Stuart Kent

    a reminder

    thank you Mike. You are a kind friend and a gracious leader. I look up to you, and I am glad to know you.

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