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  1. Drew

    Screwing and Gluing Joints

    Clearly this is a reason (excuse) to buy more clamps!
  2. Drew

    Clamps on FB Marketplace

    I also don’t see the issue. The seller makes some money (and certainly puts in some effort) and willing buyers get clamps at a reasonable price. How exactly is anyone harmed?
  3. Drew

    5/4 Cedar

    Mike, Most of the rough cut wood or wood intended for woodworking i’ve encountered is true to size, so a 5/4 board is really 1.25 inches thick. Construction grade lumber and most everything sold at the borgs is measured as you described. That’s one of many reasons woodworkers seem to...
  4. Drew

    Propane for hot water and a fireplace insert

    We have a 500 gallon in ground propane tank that heats the house, powers the range, and feeds the Rianni tankless water heater. If you decide not to own your own tank, price and service are huge. We started with Amerigas and they were very difficult to deal with and expensive. We switched...
  5. Drew

    Spicing It Up

    Function over form. I see that it’s called “desk mic stand” but i’m still unsure how you’ll use this.
  6. Drew

    How Wide The Board

    Anna White’s “woodworking” projects can be completed in a weekend and don’t require thousands of dollars worth of expensive tools. I once worked with a guy who spent $5,000 on machines before he built his first project but I think most people aren’t like that. Clearly, most members here have...
  7. Drew

    I've never had any training in wood work.

    I’m a woodworker under 40. I have two kids, 5 & 3, and a third on the way. I have a full time job and am a part time PhD student. I haven’t meaningfully used my shop since Christmas. Lately, I barely have time to mow my yard. This site is basically my only connection to the hobby.
  8. Drew

    Very Quick NEW Contest

    May 1st
  9. Drew

    Portamate storage racks $19.98 clearance

    They had the same or a similar deal this time last year. I’m betting they’ll run it next Jan. too.
  10. Drew

    DeWalt Service Center BEWARE!

    I am just curious and am not implying anything by this question. Did you save the original warranty contract from 1979 for all these years?
  11. Drew

    Estate Sale in Hillsborough This Weekend - Aug 26-27

    An eight inch jointer for $250! A Delta Cabinet saw for $450! Somebody go buy that stuff!
  12. Drew

    Guitar #2...Cedar

    This thread is one of the best this year! I'm excited to see the finished product. Please keep the posts coming.
  13. Drew

    Our Eastern NC Members?

    Our online estimate for when the power will be back on (Wake County, near Ten Ten Road and 401) is down from the 16th to the 13th. The sooner the better!
  14. Drew

    [DEAD] - Delta Midi Lathe $360 NEW at Amazon

    Re: Delta Midi Lathe $400 NEW at Amazon Now $364.85!
  15. Drew

    Traditional/historic furniture vs. modern/post modern/abstract...

    Re: an answer, but not to the question you asked... I'll take a stab at your original question. I like more modern designs and apparently the Danish modern type antiques are sought after right now. My suggestion would be to think about how young people live today if you want to sell them...
  16. Drew

    Tired of big box store junk Lumber

    I started with less expensive rough cut lumber. Rough cut red and white oak, poplar, or even maple won't set you back that much. You can do a ton with a six inch jointer.
  17. Drew

    Why Is It?

  18. Drew

    Lowes will match Amazon

    I tried two hour delivery. It took longer than two hours. The delivery driver blamed traffic. I wouldn't count on the delivery window at peak times.
  19. Drew

    HTC Portamate PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack at Lowe's $19.99

    For me, the price depended on what store I chose. Lowes of Apex got it to $19.99. Free shipping kicks in @$49.

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