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    Entering the World of Crepe Myrtle

    I have a friend wanting me to turn a piece of crepe myrtle. Anyone taking down an oversized bush or tree anytime soon?
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    Tool Story...How I Got My Original RAS

    Someone asked and I don't want to read a capstone project report. I'm sponsoring a team to rethink bowl sanding. I remember when my father purchased a DeWalt RAS from the Lazarus department store (Columbus OH) back in the 1960s. He built slopping front cabinets for the porch to kitchen...
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    Forum Access

    This should be in an "Off Topic" form but I didn't see it. The Mac OS (Catalina) updated tonight and now I can't log onto to the nor from Safari. I get the "This site is not private." error with the option of returning to the previous page or closing. This...
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    "This connection is not private..."

    While on a road trip and staying in a hotel I went onto the *.org version of the NCWW. Since then, every time I hit the "Home" button I get a warning that the connection is not private. Is this a Mac thing (for which I'm running out of patience. About ready to switch back to Windows machine)...
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    What finish would you use?

    I turned this earlier this week. It's maple from a tree downed during Dorian. Its green but I turned it with a wall thickness way less than 1/4" so it should be reasonable stable. I wiped on an amber shellac coat but it looked terrible so I sanded it off as it did nothing to pop the any...
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    Spooky things from the shop

    If there were an October contest relative to the the title, here's my entry
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    Husky Chain Lube

    Winterville Lowes has Husky brand bar/chain lube for $11+ change/gal. Cheaper than I can buy it at TSC with an employee discount. Wondering if they are closing out Husky for Craftsman. YMMV.
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    While processing all of this green wood I've just received, I was turning a 14" crotch piece for turning the inside of the bowl/platter. The Nova Titan siezed on the lathe spindle. I managed to get the chuck off, but now the spindle threads need chasing, 1-1/4X8. I don't have a die that size...
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    Free Diablo

    Found this on RR Buildings YouTube Lowe’s Promo Information What: Trade-in any DIABLO® Circular Saw Blade, Get One New DEWALT 7-1/4” 24T Blade (Item #1072026, Model #DWA171424L). No purchase necessary. Limit of 1 trade-in/free blade per person. No cash or credit value, and no returns. Where...
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    Grinder cover

    Got tired of seeing the growing mound of fillings from the CBN wheels spreading, so I built this cover and tossed and old speaker magnet in the back. Some of the Lexan came from a golf cart windshield found on the side of I20 somewhere in GA. Need to trim the top lid a little. I left it long...
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    This old lamp...

    ...was given to me when my fil passed. Been using it in the shop but it doesn't play well with the GFCI receptacles. Any ideas on how to convert it to leds?
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    Chair Repair

    I've got Titebond 3 and no experience with hide glue. Still, what is/Are recommendations for glue to get this chair back together? I'm still fitting the new stile I turned. Thanks in advance.
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    Free DC spiral piping

    Contact Stuart Kent at the NCFS. More lose piping available. Needs to be picked up by next Saturday.
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    Saw this... a real estate listing in TN
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    This week in Woodturning

    AAW in Raleigh at the convention center. Come by the exhibition hall and say hello to fellow NCWW members at the booth. We'll be across the aisle from Klingspor. Admission-to the exhibition area-is free. Starts Thursday early evening and runs through Sunday afternoon. And thanks to all...
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    I need to finish this box before the AAW Symposium. Which finial is the question? And, thoughts on a finish to apply. All the wood is raw right now. 1 is a dogwood finial 2&3 are walnut finials Top is spalted maple Box is something from Hawaii. Turns harder than hickory but leaves a nice...
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    AAW in Raleigh

    If you are in Raleigh the weekend of July 11-14 come by the convention center and stop by the NCWW booth at the American Association of Woodturners Symposium. Admission to the exhibit hall is free. Who knows, maybe you will find an angel! And if you're not in Raleigh but need a day trip, you...
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    "How to" Make a Strainer in a Hurry

    Needed to spray some herbicide this weekend and the sprayer was full of crude. Found a safe place to dump it and rinsed it out. Now to refill it. I've got a 15 gallon supply of the herbicide that tends to collect floaties and other things that won't go through the nozzle. Needed a strainer...
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    On the interweb...

    Stumbled across an announcement that Robust is now offering gouges. Brent is starting with a 5/8" parabolic. Interesting. Like all things Robust, these are not priced for entry level users, IMHO. Looks like the Robust webpage has gone through...
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    NCWW Booth at the AAW Symposium

    Just a simple post to provide an update on planning for the forum’s presence at the AAW’s 33rd Annual International Woodturning Symposium held at the Raleigh Convention Center, July 11-14, 2019 From the AAW side: there will be exhibitions, auctions, and vendors including Klingspor. NCWW’s own...

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