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  1. Willemjm

    Shipping cabinet doors

    Anyone here shipped doors before? How do you package them and who do you use as the carrier? Working on a quote for doors for a complete kitchen. I think I know how to do this safe and economically, but will appreciate input from those with experience.
  2. Willemjm

    Forstner Bits

    Just saying, I purchased a whole set of those carbide bits as per the suggestion for an inexpensive one. Big mistake, they are terrible, chatter and vibrate, ending up with a bigger hole than the bit. Freud is the way to go. I sharpen mine on a CBN wheel. The Freud carbide bits are a bit more...
  3. Willemjm

    Unexpected visitor checking my glue joints.

    He said it passes, provided I cured above 60F Any idea which ethnic group he belongs to?
  4. Willemjm

    Spice Grinders

    Eighty of them in around two weeks. Spalted Pecan, 2.75” x 10”
  5. Willemjm

    Lumber addiction

    LOL Wide treads to use all that lumber on 12 steps.
  6. Willemjm

    Lumber addiction

    Yep, happened in the last 5 minutes, just hit the reserve price and prayed.
  7. Willemjm

    Lumber addiction

    Just can't help myself, might have to go for counselling. Just bought 1050 bf prime Cherry 4/4 select or better, which I don't need. Darn!
  8. Willemjm

    3PH question

    Oka, nice explanation. Just one point to mention. All my single phase 3hp 240V motors are connected to 20A breakers, no issues. 1hp= 746Watts 3hp= 2238Watts Current = 2238/240/0.8 = 11.7 Amps For starting current, unlikely that would go above 15 A For 3 phase divide the above by square root of...
  9. Willemjm

    Wet spindles into mills

    Craft Supplies USA. Crush Grind mechanism.
  10. Willemjm

    Wet spindles into mills

    I do both a pin moisture meter and I weigh them.
  11. Willemjm

    Wet spindles into mills

    I drill a hole all the way through mine, slightly smaller than what would be needed for the final product. Then I let them dry until they are below 12% moisture content.
  12. Willemjm

    Tenoning jig?

    Mine is an inexpensive cast iron standard tenon jig and I always use it. It depends how you cut your mortises. If they are cut true, square and accurate, a 0.001” difference in tenon thickness makes the difference between the right and the wrong sloppy or over-tight fit. When I do a dry test...
  13. Willemjm

    Attaching leather to wood.

    For larger pieces I use a contact adhesive. For smaller pieces, or where it is hard to get into, I use double sided carpet tape. Neither has ever given me any issues.
  14. Willemjm

    WTB - Tormek and/or accessories

    Visit someone who uses CBN wheels on a good quality bench grinder, with the right sharpening jigs and check it out. A tiny fraction of the time in comparison and you will never go back to anything else.
  15. Willemjm

    Edge gluing

    I have never needed to run two boards together. Never had a problem glueing up directly from the jointer. I think that is over complicating things, just set up the jointer properly. When I purchased my jointer and had it set up, I jointed two 72” long boards and placed the edges together. I...
  16. Willemjm

    Screwing and Gluing Joints

    I never use screws with proper joinery, only glue. The glue is stronger than the wood and every time I have done tests on cut-off pieces from glued joints over the years, in all cases the piece did not break on the joint. Artisan built furniture with good joinery should have no screws. If...
  17. Willemjm

    Breadboard tabletop mortice lenth

    I always do full width, about 1 1/2” short of each top side. Glue only 3” center and pin the rest with elongated holes to allow for expansion. The last one I did over 40” width moved about 1/2” between winter and summer. I do the BB slightly wider than the top with slight radiuses where it...
  18. Willemjm

    Grandfather Clock--Seeking Movement

    Dave, try Faircloth Clockworks in Sanford NC. Mr. Faircloth is a one man operation, been in the business for his whole life. I have an antique clock with a German movement which he services for me every year and he seems to be able to source just about anything.
  19. Willemjm

    Moisture content in air dried wood

    Thickness has no effect. Quarter sawn roughly 1/2 of flat sawn.
  20. Willemjm

    Moisture content in air dried wood

    In NC around 12% Once you place the finished item in a conditioned home, in winter it would go somewhere below 8%. A finish will not stop the moisture content from changing, just slow it down. A general design approach is to allow for 1/8” movement across the grain for each 12” of flat sawn...

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