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  1. Willemjm

    Shipping cabinet doors

    Anyone here shipped doors before? How do you package them and who do you use as the carrier? Working on a quote for doors for a complete kitchen. I think I know how to do this safe and economically, but will appreciate input from those with experience.
  2. Willemjm

    Unexpected visitor checking my glue joints.

    He said it passes, provided I cured above 60F Any idea which ethnic group he belongs to?
  3. Willemjm

    Spice Grinders

    Eighty of them in around two weeks. Spalted Pecan, 2.75” x 10”
  4. Willemjm

    Lumber addiction

    Just can't help myself, might have to go for counselling. Just bought 1050 bf prime Cherry 4/4 select or better, which I don't need. Darn!
  5. Willemjm

    Hard working tool

    Trick question: Which tool in your shop, for the metal cutting surface involved, cuts more wood than anything else? Mine is in use now, first one who guesses right, I will post a picture to prove the fact, or see if you have a tool which can better mine.:-)
  6. Willemjm

    What do you do with offcuts?

    Cutting boards, segmented turning, firewood, pen blanks, or trash?
  7. Willemjm

    Excuses to avoid shop cleaning

    Turned a live edge bowl, so shavings all over the place. Time to clean, but let me quickly turn a big bowl, before I clean this mess. Now a quarter of the lathe stands in shavings. Really time to clean. Sigh. OK last one before I clean, a little spindle turning, four legs and four bolt...
  8. Willemjm

    Hillbilly glue press

  9. Willemjm

    Picture frame on the lathe

    My parents on their wedding day in 1936. Did the frame in air dried Walnut and the print is on cotton cloth inkjet paper.
  10. Willemjm

    Casual kitchen table and chairs

    Finished this morning. Cherry, Ash and a little air dried Walnut inlay, with leather upholstery. Finish is Conversion Varnish.
  11. Willemjm

    Perfect table top glue ups

    Waiting for glue to dry, giving time to quickly post this for those who have not done many tops. My preferences: The pictures illustrate each point. 1.) I prefer narrow rather than wide boards, as they provide opportunity to get rid of pre and post warping with climate changes. These were...
  12. Willemjm

    Who has a shop dog?

    Mine faithfully spends all her time in the shop when I am working. When it gets noisy I chase her out, then she guards the entrance from the outside.
  13. Willemjm

    Urethane bandsaw tire goes brittle

    In a previous thread I posted about my tire exploding, big bang when one hits the start switch. In the process of changing tires, so for those interested I thought I would post a quick video link below of what happens to Urethane after a few years. Brittle tire
  14. Willemjm

    When a band saw tire explodes

    I hate it when that happens. You hit the start switch and bang! Happens every few years. Ow well, guess it’s time for a fresh set.
  15. Willemjm

    Sigh... Maintenance

    I hate it when this happens in the middle of a project. The picture describes both problems, one being concrete, the other abstract.
  16. Willemjm

    Table saw blade stabilizers

    I saw a thread about this a few weeks back. As I am changing blades this minute, thought I would post up what I do for as long as I can remember. Standard arbor and plate, then the blade, then a machined disc with o-ring in groove, then a compression flange and finally the arbor nut.
  17. Willemjm

    Sanding belts

    I don't do a lot of sanding, was taught that is bad woodworking. But sometimes the only other option is spending too much time to be a purist. So, I normally buy a few grades of belts and they remain on the shelf until I need one. By the time I use one on my 9 x 48 combination sander, they fail...
  18. Willemjm

    Mailbox pressure treated lumber

    Anyone try building the box from wet PT lumber? Bought some from Lowe’s, but think it may be a bad idea, will probably warp and twist like crazy. Perhaps the ultimate design to manage wood movement?
  19. Willemjm

    Swivel counter stools

    This is one of those relaxing projects, no deadline, no plans, just wing it. Step one, cut the legs as per the pic. Step two will be making a round ring that goes around the legs, step three the round seat and support. No idea yet how I am going to make those? Any ideas?
  20. Willemjm

    Kitchen done

    My kitchen is finally done, had to wait for the builder before I could do the final trim. I'll post up pictures and some notes for those interested in doing this themselves in the future. Except for the slides and the hinges, everything else came out of my shop, which was still a work in...

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