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    Yankee Ingenuity tooling

    Thanks for posting. I enjoyed watching!
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    Clamps on FB Marketplace

    I saw the ad and wondered where he got so many clamps. Now I know!
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    Latest Turnings

    No sneak preview. It was in the mail yesterday. Unless I actually got my time machine to work. In that case, look for news that someone in Mountain City hit the Powerball.
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    Latest Turnings

    Are you the Charlie that has his turnings on the Klingspor catalog?
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    Cross-country moving costs for ww equipment

    I thought we paid by the mile. I have no idea how much it weighed. We only used 21 of the 28 feet, so we only got charged for 21 feet. They fill the rest of the trailer with other freight. A plywood divider is supplied to separate your stuff from the other freight. We paid about $3,500.00, three...
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    Cross-country moving costs for ww equipment

    We used U-Pack/ ABF when we moved from Minnesota to Tennessee. They bring a 28 foot trailer to your house. You have three days to load it. I bought a ton of ratchet straps to fasten the heavy stuff to the inside of the trailer. Once you arrive at you new home, they deliver the trailer and you...
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    3D printer for the woodshop

    Phil, How do you like Fusion 360? I've been using Solidworks for 15 years but was thinking about getting Fusion for home.
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    Looking for MDO plywood

    I am looking to buy 1 or 2 sheets of MDO (medium density overlay) plywood. 1/2" x 4' x 8'. Something close to Boone , NC would be nice. We are taking a trip to Asheville, NC in July, so something in that direction would work. I can find it in Bristol, VA, but there is a 25 sheet minimum.
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    Looking for a used lathe

    The lathe is listed as sold. I didn't think that would last long.
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    Looking for a used lathe

    I saw a Jet JWL-1236 in Locust, NC for $200. If I was closer, I'd buy it myself. I can contact the seller for you.
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    Looking for a used lathe

    I've had a Delta 1440 iron bed for about 15 years. My big gripe is with the pulleys on the Reeves drive. My pulleys are made from zinc? or some kind of pot metal. Mine broke and Delta no longer sells a replacement. Now I am in the process of changing the drive system to step pulleys. I think I...
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    Looking for hard maple, 3" thick

    Hi, I am looking for hard (sugar) maple 3" thick near Boone, NC. It can be up to 10 inches wide, green or air dried. Thanks for your help.

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