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  1. timf67

    'Pig'ging Out!

    I thought I would post my latest project because I am thrilled with the reduction in time it takes me to produce these 'guys.' My dad has been making pig shaped cutting boards as gifts for friends and family for as long as I can remember. He has two paper templates (for a big pig and a little...
  2. timf67

    Digital Woodworking

    I wanted to share my first "fully digital" woodworking project. I was a little worried that going digital would be somehow less satisfying, but I am finding that going digital lets you be more creative in the design aspect and it takes some of the stress out of the part cutting process. This...
  3. timf67

    Free Lightly Used 3M 6900 Series Respirators

    My work was getting rid of the respirators that were used by people who no longer work for us, and i didn't want to see perfectly good respirators go to waste. I am offering 4 lightly used 3M 6900 series respirators free to anyone who wants one. The filter cartridges will not be included. I...
  4. timf67

    UV cured coating

    Hey everyone, long time since I've been regularly active on here! Hopefully this post won't break any rules - if so, please remove it. About 2 years ago, the company I work for developed a polish for a UV cured coating that was too hard for existing wood finishing polishes. I bought some of...
  5. timf67

    Free Product Samples of a Wood and Clearcoat polishing compound

    I work for a company (Eminess Technologies) that supplies polishing consumables to the optics and semiconductor market. We were recently approached by several coatings suppliers who wanted us to develop a final polish for commercial wood finishes (very hard UV cured coatings and water based...
  6. timf67

    Looking for local CNC shop for small job

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a small CNC shop or DIY CNC user to cut a few parts for me out of 3/4" baltic birch in the Charlotte area. The parts will be no more than 18"x38". I can provide AutoCAD or DXF drawings of the parts. Thanks!
  7. timf67

    Clearvue Cyclone Install Comments

    I decided on the Clearvue cyclone and so far I am not impressed. I am hoping that that performance will make up for the installation issues. Here are some comments: I purchased the $45 mounting bracket and wish I hadn't. It is very cheap 1/8" thick aluminum and while it may support the...
  8. timf67

    New Shop Dust Collection

    Hey everyone. Life got in the way and it has kept me away from woodworking and this site for several years now. Long story short, I went through a divorce and have had my tools in storage for about 3 years now. I recently got remarried and am building a dedicated shop so that I can start...
  9. timf67

    Advice on Workshop Move/Storage

    Hey all. I am sure I am not the first person to go through building a new shop at a new house, so I am looking for advice and what works and doesn't work. I sold my current house and have to be out a month from now. My new house does not have any shop space and I will be building a shop...
  10. timf67

    Black Locust lumber needed

    I am making a wedding arch/arbor and would love to make it out of black locust if possible. I would need 4x4's and 2x6's in 8' lengths. Does anyone know a good source either local or someone who ships LTL? Thanks!
  11. timf67

    Help with Powderpost Beetles

    I have a friend who commissioned a rustic dining table a few years ago. The table used reclaimed barn wood. I was at her house over the weekend and she mentioned to me that she occasionally finds small dust piles under the the 4x4' used as stretchers and that she finds dead powderpost beetles...
  12. timf67

    Anyone out there have a laser engraver?

    I would like to make a laser engraving of my girlfriend's Naval commission. The original was mounted on a pine plaque over 20 years ago and was coated/laminated with some type of finish that has yellowed over time. Getting a new copy is very difficult, but I would like her to have a copy that...
  13. timf67

    Looking for small samples of White and Yellow cedar

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been on here, but I know you all are the best at helping out with stuff like this. Anyway, I have a friend who is looking for small samples of different cedars for comparison. I have some red and spanish cedar in my wood pile, but she is also looking...
  14. timf67

    It's Here! Caution - New Lathe Gloat

    Well, during my lunch break, UPS freight delivered my 850 lb bundle of joy! I was a little nervous when it arrived with forklift fork holes in it: But it looks like the forks missed everything inside luckily! Here's my first look at her: And the smartest accessory that I ordered...
  15. timf67

    PM 3520B or something bigger?

    Well I've been AWOL from the site for a while, but I am interested in getting folks opinions on what I should get for my next and last lathe. I won't say that money is not an object, but there isn't a lathe on the market that I have ruled out (except for the big Laguna Pinnacle). I keep coming...
  16. timf67

    Gibson Montana Acoustic Guitar Factory Tour

    Click the link below to see an interesting tour of some fine woodworking! Home | New Arrivals | Staff Picks | Blog | Phone: 718-631-9292 Factory Tour: Gibson Montana’s Acoustic Guitars Robert Johnson. Woody Guthrie. George Harrison. Elvis Presley. Pete Townshend. Bob Dylan. The list of...
  17. timf67

    Lee Valley: How Do I Love Thee...

    I've always loved Lee Valley because of their customer service and their Veritas product line. They once again impressed me so I thought I would share my experience. The first pleasant surprise was when I got a letter in the mail informing me that they made an improvement to their Veritas...
  18. timf67

    PM2000 Gloat!

    Not sure how many of you saw the PM2000 posted for sale on this site by Tom Hintz, but let's just say that it was a steal! I got a PM2000, 3hp cabinet saw with 52" fence, workbench side table, several ZCI's, and a riving knife for the embarrasingly low price of $700! :embaresse :swoon: I did...
  19. timf67

    Tablesaw Safety Reminder

    A friend of mine's father, who has been woodworking for longer than I have been alive, had a tablesaw accident Sunday and needed 16 stitches to repair 3 fingers of his right hand. He cut all the way to the bone on the backs of the three fingers, but luckily other than a lot of pain he will be...
  20. timf67

    New shop buddy

    I got around to adopting a new shop buddy a few months back. He is a ~4 year old rescue that appears to be part Lab and part German Shorthair Pointer. He's a great dog, and enjoys the shop when I'm working with hand tools or finishing. He's not a big fan of power tools, he may be a neander...

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