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  1. Sam Knight

    Made a Lacewood Shelf with my Daughter

    Woodworking and spending time with your daughter. Very cool dad right there! Nice shelf too. You may have started a lifelong passion in her as well.
  2. Sam Knight

    John C Campbell Folk School

    Yea, I noticed the hot weather we’re in store for. Hopefully we will be indoors mostly. Taking all my tools with me. Just Mora tools mostly. Have a few bent gouges too I’ll take. Taking my new Granfors Bruks carving axe also.
  3. Sam Knight

    John C Campbell Folk School

    I was having trouble finding my class too but found it in the catalog. Here's the link to it. JCCFS_Summer Ecatalog Mike Mathews and I are roommates and we are staying on campus at the Mill House.
  4. Sam Knight

    John C Campbell Folk School

    Headed out to John C Campbell Folk School tomorrow for a week long class. The class is Hewing and carving for spoons and bowls taught by Rodney Hopkins. I've been looking forward to this class for a while now. I've never been to the folk school. Has anyone on here been that would like to give me...
  5. Sam Knight

    Jorgensen EZ hold 12 inch clamps on clearance

    I hope they are not going to stop selling the Jorgensen brand. I like them. They just started selling this brand in my store not to terribly long ago. They seem to be better than the Irwin clamps, to me anyways.
  6. Sam Knight

    Jorgensen EZ hold 12 inch clamps on clearance

    $15.99 here in Roxboro Short ride from North Durham for you David. Also my Lowes has six packs of the 6" Jorgensen bar clamps on clearance for $21.98. Love Jorgensen clamps. So beefy compared to my Harbor Freight clamps...
  7. Sam Knight

    Hand plane restoration

    Chris, That is very generous of you and yes I'd love to have it. Wonder if anyone could ponyexpress my way? Only thing is I'm leaving Sunday for John C. Campbell for a carving class and that is in the opposite direction. When I return I will get back with you and see what I can do about picking...
  8. Sam Knight

    Hand plane restoration

    Thanks for all the input. I think I will remove the mushroomed portion as suggested by many of you first and see how I like it. I am new to hand tools and don’t have much to compare it to so it will probably be fine for now. Any of you have old vintage hand planes that you thought you were...
  9. Sam Knight

    Hand plane restoration

    Do you guys think I should replace the blade? The back end of it appears to have been peened over. The side shifting lever hits it and makes that hit the handle. What blade do you recommend I replace it with?
  10. Sam Knight

    Hand plane restoration

    I just finished restoring my first hand plane. It’s a Stanley Bailey 5 1/4 hand plane with April 1910 date. Man that was cool to do. Loved the whole process and finally watching it take thin shavings. Ready for my next one. Lol
  11. Sam Knight

    Is this a good lathe? Rikon 70-220VSR

    I've owned mine since January 2016. I can tell you from my experience that this is a great beginner lathe for small turnings under 12" in diameter. Rikon had some issues in the beginning with the control boards on these lathes and they were very quick about getting me the part I needed to fix it...
  12. Sam Knight

    According to my wife ...

    Looks eerily similar to my table saw injury. Cut my pointer finger and thumb down to the bone as well. Actually cut the tip of the bone in my thumb. Took some time to heal and now I have no sensation at the tips of either digit. Hope you heal fast and without much trouble.
  13. Sam Knight

    Impressive but unsafe Russian woodturner video.

    I've seen another video somewhere with a turner using a similar homemade looking skew chisel. He is definitely skilled with it. And that hooked tool, looks like one the pole lathe turners use. Cool video! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Sam Knight

    Anyone build this vise or one similar?

    I'm also curious to see more pics of the build for your vise. Thank you for posting!
  15. Sam Knight

    Anyone build this vise or one similar?

    I want to add a moxon style type of vise to my workbench to securing wood for cutting dovetails or hand planing stock. I don't really have the funds to buy the expensive benchcrafted moxon vise kit so turned to youtube. :) Jay Bates has several different versions of his bar clamp twin screw...
  16. Sam Knight

    Deal or No Deal on Bowl Lathe?

    Hmmm. I'm not sure about that lathe. Looks like it only has a few speeds with the step pulleys. I'd want to know how slow it would go so I could mount a large bowl blank and not have it walk all over the shop. It looks pretty light weight as well. For $900, I'd pass and wait on a used powermatic...
  17. Sam Knight

    Amazon Clarke Bros spoon knife $5.22

    I'm seeing $8.22 for a price on it unless this is the wrong one.
  18. Sam Knight

    Casual kitchen table and chairs

    This looks fantastic! I'm sure the family will love sitting at this table. Great job.
  19. Sam Knight

    Triad SHOP CRAWL - August 17th 2019

    I would love to attend but unfortunately I am working nightshift friday night. Hope everyone enjoys themselves and please let me know when the next one is held. Thanks!
  20. Sam Knight

    SAWSTOP 220V Single Phase 3HP 10" Professional Cabinet Saw, 52" Prof. Series T-Glide System, PCS31230- SOLD

    That is a great deal Frank! Someone is going to be happy. Wish it could have been me. :)

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