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    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    Coleman, Please, warn the staff at the Cary store I got lost and went there instead of WS. I'll be looking for the nail salon.
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    Klingspor's Woodworking Shop WINSTON SALEM GRAND ReOpening & Anniversary Sale DECEMBER 7th

    Coleman, Sorry I'm going to miss this. Best wishes for a prosperous event. Perhaps the nail salon could use a Beal buffing system and a 1" bench sander.
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    Gilder's wax

    Dunno about vendors for Clewes. I use the google for that kind of info. I used the Clewes wax on an oak bowl that I had 'sealed' with black India ink; the India ink really closed up the pores. Still, I used two different colors of Clewes wax and got the effect I wanted though not the...
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    Gilder's wax

    I got the Clewes in the spring (comes in small jars with resealable lid) of this year and the Agar at the AAW in Raleigh (comes in tube). They both seem moist when I just looked at them. Dunno how it will be in 18-36 months. I also haven't been finishing any open grained wood lately so the...
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    Carbide tools ??

    The Hunter..."It will cut!"
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    Carbide tools ??

    I use Hunter, Sorby (with Cap'n Eddie inserts) and Easy Wood. Out of the carbides, I reach for the Hunter #5 first.
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    Gilder's wax

    I've used some of Jimmy Clewes and Agars. Clewes' stuff is available at:
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    Free lights

    Thank you. I'll be there early.
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    If you just gave up?

    Mike, I hope you are not planning an exit strategy. Still, as long your fingers work, I would hope you would continue with thought provoking questions, philosophical observations, and critical comments that keep all of us on our best game. Happy Holidays and Good Health to all.
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    Free lights

    Six if you have them. Eight would be acceptable as well. Pickup at your place? and THANK YOU!! Since the count is 12, that leaves 3. Why don't I let someone closer to you make a call out for the remainding 3. Still thank you for making these available.
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    I used to make everything I needed with...

    a saw (hand, skill, or table), drill and bits, clamps, and glue.
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    Spice Grinders

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    Entering the World of Crepe Myrtle

    I discussed this with my customer and it appears it was just a passing interest. I found some red bud in my stash and will give it a turn soon.
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    Christmas gift ideas for the woodworker

    Been making lists for the fam' for the last few years. I have champagne tastes. They have beer bottle budgets (or less). Nonetheless, here is some of the list for this year: Cordless chain saw:p Compression socks - shop has concrete floor:) Bicycle jerseys - they don't collect wood...
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    Latest Turning

    Again, kinetic art . In my minds eye, I just see this thing spinning/threading. What was that silent movie that Chaplin did where he slid through the gears? There it is: Modern Times. Now if there were a slider on that screw, lol
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    250th Segmented Turning

    Charley, This makes me smile. Reminds me of Yaacov Agam's kinetic art.
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    Entering the World of Crepe Myrtle

    @Danny: Yep! @jason: Dunno what will come out until I see what I'm starting with. I sold two vases made from boxwood/holly last week. They checked considerably. @Stuart: K. As you know, I can vacuum stabilize only at this time. Oh wait, I've got the (pressure) top for canner also.
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    Entering the World of Crepe Myrtle

    I have a friend wanting me to turn a piece of crepe myrtle. Anyone taking down an oversized bush or tree anytime soon?
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    Tool Story...How I Got My Original RAS

    Someone asked and I don't want to read a capstone project report. I'm sponsoring a team to rethink bowl sanding. I remember when my father purchased a DeWalt RAS from the Lazarus department store (Columbus OH) back in the 1960s. He built slopping front cabinets for the porch to kitchen...
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    Tool of the past or is a radial arm saw awesome?

    You will find this book helpful: How to Master the Radial Saw by Wally Kunkel (a.k.a., Mr. Sawdust). As Kunkel says, it is more of a manual than a book. I believe you have to order it from the family. I have a 12" Original Saw. And there's a story behind it I'll share some time. I rebuilt the...

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