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    CuZn37 brass?

    David, the cartridge brass and the 63/37 brass will work harden too. Also, You are likely to find only "half hard" sheets from most suppliers, so you should plan to anneal before peening the plates together. You can do this with a propane or Mapp gas torch. Heat the tabs you intend to peen to a...
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    Anyone going to the PATINA auction Mar15?

    I think I've found someone, but thanks for the place to post requests!
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    Would high temp soldering work? that would broaden the search quite a bit.
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    Anyone going to the PATINA auction Mar15?

    I am trying to arrange the transfer of a few vintage drill press parts. The seller would bring them to PATINA and hopefully someone here in NC could bring them back. please let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks, Peter Silk Hope, NC
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    How would you organize this mess? (workshop)

    I realize I'm new here, but I always like workbenches to have window light as well as overhead. much better to see details and surface texture with window light. If you're starting over, why not move the lathe to the big window where the AC unit is. maybe the other end so you're not right in...
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    Window Unit AC in Garage Shop

    a window unit will be fine, especially if you're willing to keep it at 79 or 80 instead of 75. I work summers in my shop cooled to 80 with a small bench fan blowing at me and it's very comfortable. Raising the temp a few degrees opens up way more possibilities.

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