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    Quadriliner legs with lock miter bit

    I wanted to share a good method I found to build legs that show the face grain on all 4 sides. I used a lock miter bit on the router table which produces a nice fit to glue up. My legs are 2 1/16” wide for a footstool. I searched around online because there was no way I wanted my fingers that...
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    QSWO table complete

    I posted a couple “ in progress” pictures earlier. Moved it in the house today! Next project is a matching footstool with leftovers from this project.
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    New member from Browns Summit

    I’m new to the site and have enjoyed reading the forums and discussions. I’ve been working in the shop lately on a QSWO table that’s almost finished, and have got a few good ideas here. Hello and I look forward to reading the good discussions here. I attached a picture of the table base.
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    Izzy Skirt Washers

    I found these online and bought some for a table project I’m working on. They seem to be pretty good. Here is a link to a video. I posted a picture of how they look when installed.

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