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  1. toolman

    It's Going to be Cold This Winter

    Just seen this.. If you haven taken it I will come and get it..
  2. toolman

    Hey, it's DaveO...again

    Good to here from you, sad to see you go but be safe and good luck!!
  3. toolman

    Option to banish For Sale from the home page?

    The Off Topic forum is set in the (Secondary user groups ) it has to be checked to have be able to see it and only Admins can change it.
  4. toolman

    Option to banish For Sale from the home page?

    Mark, is right that was on the old site, may not work on the new one.
  5. toolman

    Option to banish For Sale from the home page?

    Hank, I believe opt-out can be do to any forum but a Admin must do it for you. and the member can not turn it on and off as they please a Admin would have to do it..
  6. toolman

    Jet 6"X89" Oscillating Belt Edge Sander OES-80CS SOLD

    Does this sander Oscillate?
  7. toolman

    More FREE cabinets and other

    Phil, If know one wants Photos 3, 4, and 5 I will take them. But Photo #5 for sure!
  8. toolman

    Sunny Scrollers meeting June 2, 2019

    If I didn't have a vendor / craft fair in Rocky Mount I would go.. Let me know when the next one come up!!
  9. toolman

    Cabinets for the finishing room

    Looks Good!!!!
  10. toolman

    Free Cabinets

    Phil, You are great, you look out for us there on NCWW Thanks. Oh well 2 days late and a $1 short.o_O. That's ok I still need to get the last ones up.. I will be looking in June and July!! :cool:
  11. toolman

    What Became Of...

    I'm with you on this Bruce, We should be able to get a module for downloading..
  12. toolman

    Completed Projects

    Very nice.. I fish to much and need to do more woodworking!!
  13. toolman

    Rough cut lumber, is it worth the effort?

    David, I will tell you my story on rough cut lumber. I made up my mine to make a butcher block for the wife and also wanted to sale some as well, I did some research on pricing of butcher blocks. Then check on the price of 8/4 finished lumber from a lumber company, the price to make a 16 x 20...
  14. toolman

    CAD Software of Choice

    Solidworks I use it at work and home!!
  15. toolman

    Vectric software?

    I have use Autocad in the past and can use it if I have to, but at work we use Solidworks and I use it at home as well. Have not needed to program in 3D but have programed in 2.5D with Gibscam and I just got a CNC router and got the lasts version of VCarve Pro. Works good and not hard to learn.
  16. toolman

    Vectric software?

    I use Vcarve Pro as well. It is a good software package. As for as true 3D modeling Vcarve Pro works great for the $699, but if you need to do big time 3Ding then you will need to fork out $1995. As Phil said go to the Vectric site and check it out. ( )
  17. toolman

    Finally found me a planer!

    Nice find!
  18. toolman

    Shop redo

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D You just Kill me Bas. ;)
  19. toolman

    Just a Quick Shop Survey

    36 x 60 with attached 16 x 60 storage building.
  20. toolman

    FREE office furniture

    Will do! should be there about 8:30 to 9...

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