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  1. moodyfloyd

    Rocking Horse - Christmas Morning

    A picture says a thousand words.... View image in gallery View image in gallery
  2. DSC_00711


    Rocking Horse
  3. DSC_0083-1


    Rocking Horse
  4. moodyfloyd

    Rocking Horse

    Plans from woodcraft website. If you do plan to use these ones, there are some errors I can make you aware of so you don't make any mistakes...Let me know. Shawn
  5. moodyfloyd

    Rocking Horse

    View image in gallery After first Coat of Waterlox...
  6. Rocking Horse

    Rocking Horse

    Rocking Horse
  7. moodyfloyd

    Rocking Horse

    Glue and pocket screws in places where clamps were not feasible. The entire rocking part and supports are only screwed together, as is the attachment of the horse to those supports. I was thinking glue might be necessary, but the assembly is very strong with just the screws on the lower part...
  8. moodyfloyd

    Rocking Horse

    Here's the first ever Rocking Horse I've ever made... Made from Cherry, Jitoba, and Maple. A Christmas gift for our daughter's first Christmas....and hopefully something to be passed down over the years to younger generations :) Let me know what you think! Shawn View image in gallery
  9. moodyfloyd

    finish advice - rocking horse

    Here's the status of my Rocking Horse Project. After doing some research, I think I am going to use waterlox as a finish. Has anyone used this often enough to comment on if this is a good choice for this application? Thanks in advance, Shawn View image in gallery
  10. Rocking Horse-9

    Rocking Horse-9

  11. Rocking Horse-8

    Rocking Horse-8

  12. Rocking Horse-7

    Rocking Horse-7

  13. Rocking Horse-6

    Rocking Horse-6

  14. Rocking Horse-5

    Rocking Horse-5

  15. Rocking Horse-4

    Rocking Horse-4

  16. Rocking Horse-3

    Rocking Horse-3

  17. Rocking Horse-2

    Rocking Horse-2

  18. Rocking Horse-1

    Rocking Horse-1

    Body cut out of Maple
  19. moodyfloyd

    finish advice - rocking horse

    What shellac do you recommend as long as best application method for something like a rocking horse?
  20. moodyfloyd

    finish advice - rocking horse

    Hello All, My latest project is a Rocking horse I am making for our Baby Girls' first Christmas. It is being made out of Maple, Cherry and Jaboda with a Classic Cherry Stain. I would appreciate all of your advice on the best finish for this project. What would be the best for look, and...

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