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    SOLD Jet 10” Table Saw for sale

    condition: very good make / manufacturer: Jet (1996) model name / number: JWTS-10 Price: $500 obo Location: Apex area Jet 10” contractor saw with 50” right side extension table Vega Professional fence 1-1/2 HP motor can be wired 115 or 230 Volt. Tested at 115V and motor runs smooth Includes...
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    Old Disston Saw Find

    Happened onto an old saw that I believe is in the 1878-88 range based on medallion. Can’t find an etch or stamp but style looks like a no. 7 or 8.
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    SOLD Rockwell/Delta 9" Table Saw with 4" Jointer - Great Condition!

    I need to find a good home for this Rockwell/Delta Table Saw with a 4" Jointer. This is in great working condition. If anything, it could use new belts. Also was in our Grandpa's shop and he used it gently and took great care of it. Model number is 34-600, and serial number is DV3935. If...
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    SOLD 12-1/2” Belsaw Planer $450

    Belsaw Planer model 9123 from estate of our grandfather, a long time woodworker. Always took great care of his tools. Features: -long infeed and outfeed tables to prevent snipe -3 HP motor, 215 frame, 1 phase/115-230V, 1755 rpm, currently wired for 230V -3 knife cutter head -can plane up to...
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    SawStop issue on dust accumulation limiting blade travel

    I have a SawStop contractor saw. After a few projects, I’ve noticed the blade won’t lower beneath the table. Some investigation shows that dust accumulation in the vertical and angle threaded rods prevents full travel. So i got my shop-vac and cleaned from above and below, but still didn’t...
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    Repurposing a small Cedar tree

    You know how you see something and think "I can do something with that!" Four weeks ago I had a dead cedar tree standing in the woods behind my house. Not large, maybe 5-6 inch diameter at the base. Three weeks ago my son cut down the cedar because he had just sharpened his chain saw and...
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    Chestnut boxes

    Been working on these boxes for a while. The chestnut came from my grandfather's house in West Virginia. It was being torn down and I was able to pick up just a few pieces. From what my dad tells me, this chestnut was used on a house built in the early 1900's then reused for this house that...
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    SawStop Customer Service

    My SawStop CNS175 decided to stop running yesterday, after running just fine on Sunday. Blade would just barely move when turned on and within 2-3 seconds would trip either thermal overload on saw or the 20A breaker powering the outlet. Submitted an email to SawStop support site at 7 this...
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    Disston D20 Circa 1911

    I stopped by the flea market in Siler City again and picked up this saw for a song. After some work to clean the blade and see the etch, I can see part of the large "D", but I am stuggling to see the number inside. I am reasonably sure I can see a "zero" and research at leads me...
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    New SawStop - advice needed on fence and outfeed table

    Santa has come early to my house. Been wanting one of these for a very long time, but couldn't pull the trigger. Couple of months ago, I reluctantly gave my 17 yr old the okay to use my old TS for some of his projects. I came home from work one day and he was cutting some plywood with nobody...
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    My "new" saw is a Disston D-23

    I stopped at flea market/antique/junk place over Thanksgiving holidays. Picked up this saw for $10 thinking it was old enough to have some good steel in it. Also picked up this tooth setting tool. Sharpened the saw, put just a little set to the teeth and it cuts really well. Then I decided...
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    Table Saw bad switch?

    Need some help from you guys who are more electrically inclined than me. I have a very old Delta XL-10 direct drive table saw. It is a model 36-380, 10 Amps, 1/120/60, 3450 rpm. I'm not sure what size the motor is, guessing 3/4 HP. Using the saw today with no problems, then all of a sudden...
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    Best Way to Glue MDF Miter Joints

    A co-worker asked me to help repair a door to a gun cabinet he bought second-hand. The door is 18" wide x 48" tall and is made from MDF veneered frame with a glass panel. The corners are mitered and all 4 joints have failed. The previous owner screwed some crappy looking plywood blocks over...
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    Tool Gloat DW735

    Picked this earlier this week. Barely used and good price. I haven't even had the chance to plug it in yet. Hopefully this weekend. Have a question though. Instructions say not to change feed roller speeds unless running. The switch is currently between the 1 and 2 which I think means...
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    Spalted Sycamore Pens - Thanks @ Scott Smith

    Scott gave me some pieces of spalted sycamore a few months ago when I was getting some qsro. I gave them to my dad in Asheboro who is afflicted with "turners disease". This Christmas I saw his handy work. Love the figure. Thanks Scott. Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Brian (sorry about...
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    Need advice on cutting floor molding in place

    This is more carpentry than woodworking, but hopefully somebody can give me a good tip. I am adding a doorway in a wall between two bedrooms. I am good with the framing out of the opening and fitting the pre-hung door. What I need is a good way to cut the floor molding at the correct spot to...
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    Golf Club Rack

    I started this rack back in October in an effort to un-clutter an area in my shop/garage. First I built this shelf unit. Since it is just in the garage, I just went cheap and used particle board. But all the pieces are dado'd and/or grooved with plenty of glue. There are no fasteners in it...
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    Fred Flintstone Mallet

    This summer, after weeks of spending every free minute cutting up these two big oaks that fell in the woods behind my house, I realized that I wasn't using any of the wood for anything useful. So I cut a couple of pieces for a project I had in the back of my mind and set them aside to dry. A...
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    Pinewood / AWANA Derby Cars

    I know this might be silly for a group of serious woodworkers. But I ran across these pictures of AWANA Grand Prix cars that I built with my two boys. (Similar to the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.) They aged out 2 years ago, but I still look back at those races as some of the best bonding time we...
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    Sliding Dovetail help needed

    I am thinking about a project that will need a sliding dovetail joint, so today I was fooling around on the router table and thought I would try one out of some scrap pine. I used a 1/2" straight bit to cut a groove to start the slot so the dovetail bit didn't have to hog out all that wood...

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