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  1. Hmerkle

    Shop storage monthly contest

    I guess Alan has some competition! I REALLY like the marquetry panel Jim! (@creasman)!!!
  2. Hmerkle

    Tightbond glue close out,is%20restored%20to%20original%20form. Frequently Asked Questions What is the shelf life of Titebond Wood Glues? Our literature states the shelf life of a majority of our wood glues as two years. Titebond...
  3. Hmerkle

    Wanted - Osage Orange

    HOLY CRAP! 6 pieces of 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 24" osage orange with shipping $116.54!! Not sure if I am just cheap or out of touch!!
  4. Hmerkle

    Shop storage monthly contest

    WELL... we have a winner!!!!
  5. Hmerkle

    Wanted - Osage Orange

    Looking for some Osage orange for chisel handles... So not a lot of board feet, but need at least 8 pieces prefer 10- 16 6/4 - 8/4 (1-1/2" - 2") X 5"-6" long
  6. Hmerkle

    Vanguard Furniture to manufacture furniture in Morganton, NC, Drexel Plant No. 60 beginning in April

    Interesting article and accompanying video: Vanguard Says New Furniture Plant Will Bring Craftsmen Back to Work | IWF Atlanta I saw that our own @Stuart Kent posted this on FB!
  7. Hmerkle

    Shop storage monthly contest

    What is on the front or face of the doors?
  8. Hmerkle

    First woodworking project for nephew

    Kind of amazing!
  9. Hmerkle

    Hello from the 'Quay

    So as Paul Harvey Sez... Now the rest of the story... Recently at work I was given access to a system and I had to be "approved" I told our trainer I was having trouble getting in... She said let me take a look... well that is because you were denied access from the approver, let me talk to...
  10. Hmerkle

    Schaff tool chisels

    Oh, and they were used ones - found at habitat!!! Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hmerkle

    CMT Blade and bit cleaner one-ish Gallon $30

    I have a gallon of CMT Blade and bit cleaner. (There is about a cup or less of it used.) I think I paid $55 +Tax for it. If anyone is interested for $30 let me know, I will be in the Raleigh / Durham area next week Tuesday or Wednesday (coming up 85 from Greenville SC. If we can work out a...
  12. Hmerkle

    Schaff tool chisels

    I know I don't need another set, but ordered one anyway... Listed as $44.95 entered the discount code and VIOLA! $22.47plus tax for a total of $23.82... that is $5.96 per chisel, I guess if the Aldi chisels were still available that would be the only other option for a "cheap" chisel. I am...
  13. Hmerkle

    A simple hickory side table

    That was my first thought, the character in the tabletop is awesome!
  14. Hmerkle

    Mentor/Classes/Hang Out - Southern Pines

    @FlyingRon and @bowman Can someone check this out? 1. If a Guest can "see" and use the member search but... 2. A new user does not have access... That is a problem...
  15. Hmerkle

    Laser cutting/engraving

    Ken (@kserdar) maybe that is an option - to offer a class?? That may capture your future "customers"...
  16. Hmerkle

    My shop student is back

    Learn, change and adapt... as do all the best students AND teachers!
  17. Hmerkle

    Work in progress shop

    AWESOME! Glad I asked / invited myself LOL
  18. Hmerkle

    Last Project

    Thanks Scott, I am curious if anyone has suggestions... I searched on YT, but all I saw were videos with instructions on a flat surface...
  19. Hmerkle

    Laser cutting/engraving

    I think it is a GREAT idea, I only wish I were closer. What are you thinking for an hourly charge? Are you thinking of a different charge for training / learning?
  20. Hmerkle

    Not so new member from Charlotte

    Thank you for the formal introduction Robert, but I thought I remembered your name, and many may have forgotten some of your work: LaPlacaWoodWorks – Hand Built 18th century Furniture PHENOMENAL!!

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