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    Green Wood Finishing

    I have a question that has been with me for years: When you take a green turned bowl that has been dried and you are going to remount it on the lathe to finish turning. You mount the bowl on a center on the head stock, (using some method,)and on the center of the tail stock. This way you can...
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    Oneway Talon & Nova ?

    I have both the nova chuck and the oneway talon. The artical is right. The only problem is that the screw that holds the jaws are different for the two chuck. The talon screws are longer and have a larger head, but the same thread size. So you have to check to ensure that you nave the right...
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    Another beginner

    Hi Rick, Welcome, enjoy the site, and welcome back to SC. Gary
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    Green Bowls

    I have a question for for you that turn green bowls. I have turned some walnut bowls and put them into a plastic tub in the shaving to dry. The pros say that that is a good way to let the bowls dry. My question is do I leave the lid on the container (air tight), or remove the lid and let the...
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    Saw Stop on Time Warp

    I don't know how much pressure it is under, but you can't compress the spring once it goes off. gary
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    Saw Stop on Time Warp

    You are right the Saw stop is fantastic. I have owned one for about 2 1/2 to three years. I can also tell you that it works exactly the way they say it does. I hit my blade with my finger, and I put a Bandaid on my finger and went back:gar-Bi to work......Great product, and great folks to...
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    Some new Turnings

    I hope this works. This is my first try to put pics in a thread. As everyone says the photos quality sucks Gary:gar-Bi
  8. More pics

    More pics

  9. More pics

    More pics

  10. More pics

    More pics

  11. More pics

    More pics

  12. More pics

    More pics

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    New Member from WNC

    Welcome Mathew, I think you made a great decision to come to this site. there is a lot of real nice and helpfil folks. Again Welcome Gary
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    Ci1 Tool

    I received my new Ci1 yesterday, Toiday I chucked up a log that I had laying around....I couldn't believe how the tool cuts. It cuts just like the video that they have on their site, great. If you don't have one and are going to do a lot of turning, You might want to consider this tool...
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    Have you ever turned

    I just turned a Red Bud that I cut yesterday about 3 oclock. It was slinging water about 4 or 5 ft. from the lathe.
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    Wood for the bowls and, Red Alder (sp), Walnut, for the two big bowls the natural edge bowl is Apple, and I can't remember the other ones. But I am suer that it is a commonly found wood. Gary
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    Re: Pics of Turnings Thanks, I will try you process the next time I post something....I knew there had to be a way, beings other people were doing it.....
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    Pics of Turnings Being new to NCWW, (less that a week), some folks have to post pictures of some of my turnings. I am not sure of the best way to do this, and could not figure out how to attach them to this thread. So I add them to the member gallery in ghayes02. Check them out and let me...
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    :gar-BiBeing a Newbie, (less than a week) some folks asked to see some of my work. So I posted 5 pics in my gallery, (ghayes02). The photos aren't to good , but I hope you can see the work. I will get some better photo in the future....Let me know what you think. good or bad:rotflm:

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