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  1. Hmerkle

    Wanted - Osage Orange

    Looking for some Osage orange for chisel handles... So not a lot of board feet, but need at least 8 pieces prefer 10- 16 6/4 - 8/4 (1-1/2" - 2") X 5"-6" long
  2. Hmerkle

    Vanguard Furniture to manufacture furniture in Morganton, NC, Drexel Plant No. 60 beginning in April

    Interesting article and accompanying video: Vanguard Says New Furniture Plant Will Bring Craftsmen Back to Work | IWF Atlanta I saw that our own @Stuart Kent posted this on FB!
  3. Hmerkle

    CMT Blade and bit cleaner one-ish Gallon $30

    I have a gallon of CMT Blade and bit cleaner. (There is about a cup or less of it used.) I think I paid $55 +Tax for it. If anyone is interested for $30 let me know, I will be in the Raleigh / Durham area next week Tuesday or Wednesday (coming up 85 from Greenville SC. If we can work out a...
  4. Hmerkle

    "Cabinet makers are a dying breed"

    The Making of a Steinway Piano I have not made it through the whole of it yet, but... WOW!!!
  5. Hmerkle

    The American Chestnut

    A friend posted this on FB December 22nd. I found it interesting and thought I would share it here. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire ...You’ve heard the song, but did people actually roast chestnuts during the holiday season in the past? And where did they get chestnuts? To answer this, you...
  6. Hmerkle

    Planing stop

    JUST finished watching this video and thought what a simple idea for an integrated planing stop! Doubt I would spend the money to "Buy a kit" when I am sure I have all the stuff to make it in a drawer... somewhere...
  7. Hmerkle

    Well I made it! A little piece of heaven in Georgia!

    Annnd, I found a smokin' deal... it is SO good, that li live so far away from here and KWS!
  8. Hmerkle

    a little Christmas try...

    Well I tried... But need more practice for a steadier hand But, these two will work...
  9. Hmerkle

    A christmas present to myself

    I have wanted one of these mugs the first time I saw it and finally broke down and purchased one as a give for myself. (I guess I can say that I am supporting small business as well!) @Mike Davis is correct - here is where you get your own:
  10. Hmerkle

    I found this heater

    Northern tool has this heater on sale: I also foudn this one - First, I wanted make anyone aware that might be interested. Second, I wanted some assistance to...
  11. Hmerkle

    "Typing" your Stanley hand plane

    Many of you hand tool enthusiasts know that I recently came across a #2. @Chris C helped me figure out that is it a "Frankenplane" (1. see footnote) The neat part about this one is that there was an "S" cast into the sole. This sent me down a rabbit hole to learn more about the "S" (Sessions...
  12. Hmerkle

    This seems like a good CNC item...

    Saw these on FB this morning and thought, geez, that is a lot of difficult carving and then I thought, but easy on a CNC...
  13. Hmerkle

    A little more press for one of our own

    A nice piece from News 1 on @Stuart Kent and the North Carolina Furniture School!
  14. Hmerkle

    Well, well, well- look what followed me home?

    That is a 6" rule, for proportion... Yea, yea, yea, I need a knob... but that shouldn't be too hard... (famous last words! LOL) Ah, yea, that is a $6 ticket on it.. (but I made up for it, I bought a bunch of other junk from him for total of $100...) LOVE the blade markings!!! Oh, and on...
  15. Hmerkle

    For sale Delta / Delta Rockwell 6 Inch Jointer $200 OBO Serial No. 61-9543

    Please let me know if anyone on the forum in interested before I post this elsewhere... 1/2 HP motor, no belt guard, the belt seems to be in good condition, but it is old so if I were going to put this back in action, I would replace it. 6" wide bed with rabbet step by 32" long. (see the...
  16. Hmerkle

    New Boast and gloat!

    Thanks to @Chris C I am on the local auction e-mail list and one ended last night... I started a low bid on this 1/2 hp buffer and won it at $55 ($67.68 with buyer's premium and taxes) Feeling pretty good about this one since new they are $177.99+ shipping and currently not in stock - (not that...
  17. Hmerkle

    Antique 1905 Band Saw Crescent Machine Co, Leetonia, Ohio, Cast Iron - On "that" auction website...

    Found on Flea-Bay... Someone who like Old Arn, might be in for a deal...
  18. Hmerkle

    1983 Tannewitz 36" Bandsaw

    Not mine, kind of endorsing that someone buy it since I would love to see this machine bought by someone here and see it in action again Obviously buyer beware... you are likely buying someone else's "project" LOL FB Market place in Newberry SC: Log into Facebook
  19. Hmerkle

    Performax Drum Sander 16-32 - Asheville NC

    Not mine, not endorsing, but many of us watch for these sanders... Not sure how good a deal it is, dunno how much a "belt" costs...
  20. Hmerkle

    Wasn't someone looking for a jointer?

    Another FB marketplace in Taylorsville, NC Buried in the pics - 6" Delta jointer... So maybe someone in Hickory or Statesville could take advantage??? Looks like a few nice things, and some typical cheap WW tools...

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