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  4. Rob

    Sunday Morning Chat 9AM - Join us

    But your a bubble head, what you doing that high?
  5. Rob

    Scott Meeks Plane building class?

    At a $100, I'm in if we get enough people. Does that include materials?
  6. Rob

    Amazon Smile = Donations

    Done, now if I can remember to sign in instead of just going to amazon.
  7. Rob

    Experiement with turning and black smithing

    Yes, heated it in my gas forge and used a hammer and anvil. No pictures of the process, hard to take pictures and hammer on the anvil. :gar-Bi I took a black smithing class a couple years back and am finally putting it to use.
  8. Rob

    Experiement with turning and black smithing

    To me it's hard to work with, I've only done a lidded box and this with it. The wood is very soft so requires very sharp tools, but it's pretty easy to sand. I won a log at an turning symposium auction a couple years ago. Still have two bowl blanks from it to turn, but haven't got to them yet.
  9. Rob

    Experiement with turning and black smithing

    There in an oil lamp inside.
  10. Rob

    Experiement with turning and black smithing

    I used old motor oil and heat, baked the oil into the steel. I have some other ideas for finishing the steel I want to try. Trying to come up with a way to do it outside a forge as I'm planning on making a TV stand using steel tube and wood, and it will be too large for the forge.
  11. Rob

    Experiement with turning and black smithing

    Just wanted to try to make something different. Wood is Norfolk Island Pine. Sorry the picture is sideways. It did that on the upload somehow.
  12. experiment


    Experiment combining black smithing and turning. Wood is Norfolk Island Pine.
  13. Rob

    First craft show

    Just wanted to remind folks that this is tomorrow. I have bowls, a couple hollow forms, wine stoppers. Hope to see you tomorrow. If you show up, mention NCWW so I know who you are.
  14. Rob

    Walnut and Wenge Recurve bow

    I'm a bow hunter and shoot a compound bow. This is so beautiful and I love shooting bow, that I want to put it on my to do list. Unfortunately my to do list is long.
  15. Rob

    Walnut and Wenge Recurve bow

    That is beautiful. It looks like the limbs are separate? Held on by the knobs in front? How do you control the draw poundage? Do you give classes. I shoot a compound bow and it would be awesome to be able to build my own bow.
  16. Rob

    First craft show

    No idea on prices, just guessed. We're going to use square. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  17. Rob

    First craft show

    Yes. I'll be selling bowl, wine stoppers, and a couple small hollow forms. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  18. Rob

    First craft show

    Next Saturday, the 28th, I will be doing my first craft show in Pittsboro, NC at the old Chatham Mill. So if you don't have any plans, stop by and visit.
  19. Craft Show

    Craft Show

    My first craft show, Pittsboro, NC at the Chatham Mill.
  20. Rob

    Saturday Morning Chat?!?!

    It was usually Sunday mornings, it wasn't a regularly scheduled thing. Just a few of us early risers getting on and chatting. Sometimes gesiak and I get on, but it's fallen along the wayside due to busy. By 9 or 10 I'm usually in the shop or away doing something. I check the board every Sat...

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