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  1. Rob

    Experiement with turning and black smithing

    Just wanted to try to make something different. Wood is Norfolk Island Pine. Sorry the picture is sideways. It did that on the upload somehow.
  2. Rob

    First craft show

    Next Saturday, the 28th, I will be doing my first craft show in Pittsboro, NC at the old Chatham Mill. So if you don't have any plans, stop by and visit.
  3. Rob

    New addition to the work shop.

    Just waiting on Direct TV to come Monday to install the Genie. Unfortunately I'll be out of town all week so won't be able to enjoy it. But now I'll be able to watch my hunting, racing, and football shows without missing out on shop time. I'll probably listen more then watch, unless something...
  4. Rob

    Math help

    Ok, I've googled this, and math is not my strong point. I need to find the measurement of an angled leg. I know I want the bottom of the table to be 17" from the ground, so the leg of the triangle is 17". I want a 15 degree angle from the leg. so how do I find the length of the hypotenuse...
  5. Rob

    Vacuum Chuck

    Finally got around to building my vacuum chuck. Mounted the pump in a cabinet I quickly threw together from melamne with pocket hole screws. Shelf space to store the various size chucks I'll make. Got the pump from a guy on SMC, very cool guy that helped a lot. All the other parts came from...
  6. Rob

    Hornet Spray

    I have a nest of European Hornets inside a tree not far from my door. Does anyone know the best spray to use? I wouldn't worry too much, except I'll be cutting the tree down this winter, and we can't turn on our front porch light without attracting dozens of them.
  7. Rob

    Experiment with lidded box

    From spalted sycamore, the lid is holly died black. Just trying something different. View image in gallery View image in gallery
  8. Rob

    Outside wood

    I'm being asked to make several round bases to restore support columns on an old house. The owner wants solid wood. These will be primed and painted. Approx. 10" in diameter and 2" thick. What species of wood would you suggest we use?
  9. Rob

    Chat Room

    Chat room won't stay connected. It loses connection to the server within a couple of seconds of starting. I've upgraded my java and checked my PC firewall settings. My router log shows "Blocked incoming TCP packet from to as SYN:ACK received but there is no...
  10. Rob

    Small Gloat

    Haven't posted in a while so figured I would show my latest acquisition. In the next couple months I'll be building a vacuum chuck. I got the pump From a great guy on SMC. I still need to get the lathe adapter and manifold. I could build a manifold but figured I would order what I need from...
  11. Rob


    I get an invalid user name and password when I access chat.
  12. Rob

    Last Post button not working

    When I click the "go to last post" button in a thread, it takes me to the first post. This is both running IE 8 at work, and Firefox at home. Thanks
  13. Rob

    Paolini ruler

    Received mine last week, been using it all weekend. I love it. Especially the scale on the end, the stop, and it's easy to find in the shop with the red color.
  14. Rob

    Lathe Storage

    I decided I didn't like the rack under my lathe, a pain to clean and looked cluttered. So I'm in the process of building a modular cabinet and drawer for it. This is the start. I wanted to add more weight so I made a sand box for the base. I wanted to use the space between the supports...
  15. Rob

    Workbench vise

    Quick release or not? Opinions and reasons why wanted.
  16. Rob


    Are we going to bring back the chat feature? Didn't get used much, but a few of us used it early Sunday mornings every once in a while. Thanks for all your hard work. Been there, done that, I don't envy you.
  17. Rob

    Sharpening Cabinet

    I finally finished this yesterday, nothing much, just a place to keep my grinder and accesorries. I'm thinking about mounting my worksharp next to it also. There's a pancake air compressor inside, a vent on the side so air can get in.
  18. Rob

    2011 Greensboro Turning Symposium

    Finally got around to uploading my pictures from the Symposium, enjoy. 2011 Greensboro Turning Symposium - NC Woodworker Photo Galleries Demo
  19. Rob

    Tried a coring tool today

    Nate brought his McNaughton coring tool over and we played. First two blanks I picked was dry silver maple. Big mistake, it doesn't work well with dry wood. One came right off the chuck, and you could hear both pieces crack. Never heard wood crack just sitting there. So I chucked up some...
  20. Rob

    Organizing tape measures

    One of the hardest thing for me to keep up with is my tape measures. I have four or five floating around the shop, yet every time I need one, I have to hunt for it. Where do you keep yours? Any suggestions? Pictures are great too.

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