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  1. manfre

    Jet JJP-10BTOS Won't turn on

    My jointer/planer won't turn on. It sat unused for many months and was working the last time I used it. So far I've confirmed the safety tab is sitting properly. Any suggestions on what to check next?
  2. manfre

    1/2" A36 steel plate

    I'm looking for a piece of 1/2" A36 steel plate anywhere from 16" x 16" to 18" x 18". I know how to source it online, but the shipping costs more than the steel and I prefer supporting local whenever possible. I've been dabbling with making a better NY style pizza and supposedly steel plate will...
  3. manfre

    Brownbagging a mitersaw stand

    I used to go out for lunch almost every work day. I decided to start packing lunch and saving about $10 per day. These savings quickly added up to a gloat load of money. Gone are the days of me having to move and assemble a makeshift work surface, or using my miter saw on the floor.
  4. manfre

    Utility Trailer Recommendations

    I no longer have a truck, but now own a vehicle that can tow up to 2,700 lbs, not that I'll get anywhere near that limit. I need a utility trailer for trips to the box stores, lumber runs, moving beehvies, yard waste to the dump, and (hopefully) transporting free cabinets. I think the largest...
  5. manfre

    Forehands Woodcraft

    Anyone have experience with Forehands Woodcraft, owned by Bryan Forehand? A friend got a quote to have a table refinished by him and I'm helping her figure out if he is worth using.
  6. manfre

    Peachtree Woodworking

    Peachtree Woodworking recently had a sale on Trend router bits. Every router bit listed was $10. An okay price for some and an amazing price for others. So amazing, that many of the better deals were oversold because of the way the company manages order fulfillment. The company does not have a...
  7. manfre

    Framing a knee wall for brick steps on cement slab

    I'm finishing the inside of my garage and need a guard for the brick stairs because the top step is 2" taller than the yer-gonna-die height. My plan is to build a 2x4 knee wall next to the brick steps and cap it with a 2x6. I know that I need a pressure treated sill plate that will be wide...
  8. manfre

    Belt sander recommendation

    I'm in the market for a handheld belt sander and just started to look at the options. What models do all of you have and like? Which size belt is better (or easier to acquire good/inexpensive belts)?
  9. manfre

    Group Buy: Beeswax poll

    I've started to get questions about whether there would be a group buy on beeswax this year. The feedback I've gotten from many who got in on past group buys indicated that they really didn't use much of the wax or that it was difficult to work with the large blocks of wax. Instead of just...
  10. manfre

    Rubber Feet for Cutting Board

    I built a few cutting boards, but I haven't been able to find a good source for rubber feet. I'm looking for the screw on kind because everything I've read says the adhesive ones fall off too easily. Anyone know a source?
  11. manfre

    Help getting a wide board s2s

    I picked up an 11" wide piece of 8/4 hard maple that I need to s4s to 10.5" wide. I have a 10" jointer/planer combo and a block plane. After about 90 minutes, I have a well tuned block plane, a giant blister on my thumb, and about half of one side of the shorter board is "mostly flat" ™...
  12. manfre

    Replacing an hvac condensate pump

    My HVAC system has not been meeting my expectations recently. During a scheduled cleaning and diagnostic checkup by an HVAC company, they identified that the pump was not working properly. It turned out that the condensate pump stopped working and the safety switch prevented the compressor from...
  13. manfre

    Klingspor 10% off gift certificates

    Until 6/14, Klingspor has gift certificates for 10% off. You must buy them in store.
  14. manfre

    Hand saw recommendation

    I'm looking to purchase a hand saw to cut dovetails and tenons, but don't want to dive in just yet and get specialized saws for each task. I might find that I don't like it as much and don't want to invest too heavily in specialized hand tools just yet. The only hand saws I have right now are a...
  15. manfre

    Tour D'Coop

    This coming Saturday (5/18) from 10-4 is the Tour D'Coop (link) and the coop I built is coop #15 on this year's tour.
  16. manfre

    Help Slabbing Oak

    A neighbor of mine had a 4' diameter oak tree taken down and there are 1' thick slabs of the base of the tree left behind. She says I can have the slabs, if I can move them. They are too big and heavy for me to move (400-500 lbs each) or cut myself (~18" chainsaw bar). I'm interested in two 3-4"...
  17. manfre

    Anyone have FWW #222?

    I'm looking for FWW #222 Level Big Slabs in No Time Flat. Anyone have a copy that I can borrow?
  18. manfre

    NC Maker Faire 2013

    Has anyone thought about having a booth at NC Maker Faire this year (Saturday Jun 15)? Seems like it would be a good fit for NCWW Outreach since it's less of a craft show and more of "this is how you do stuff" event. There wouldn't really be enough time for people to complete projects, but...
  19. manfre

    Flooring advice: Wide plank floor made from plywood

    Farmhouse Wide Plank Floor Made from Plywood Any thoughts or comments about cutting 1/2" plywood in to 8" wide "planks" and using it for flooring? In a few months I'll need to install ~768 sq. ft. of flooring on a relatively cheap budget and my wife came across that post. Our current...
  20. manfre

    Kitchen Island (WIP)

    This kitchen island from ikea has followed my wife and I for over 5 years. It's served its purpose, but it has been less than ideal and we needed more counter space. For a while (~3 years), our kitchen has been way too small for our needs. We need more storage for appliances that are not...

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