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  1. Steve_Honeycutt

    Sharpening Spokeshaves

    It is easy enough to setup a video demonstration using Zoom, WebEx, Skype, etc. Others might like to learn as well.
  2. Steve_Honeycutt

    New member from Oriental area

    Larry, Welcome. Thanks for becoming an active member. While I have not seen her post on here in some time, Milissa Dewey (Flootsie) had turned some pipes. You might be able to contact her through their website
  3. Steve_Honeycutt

    Bosch belt sander for sale

    PM Sent
  4. Steve_Honeycutt

    CA Glue advice

    CA glue store in a refrigerator will last much longer. I have had some bottles last up to a year. While moisture helps it dry quicker, too much moisture will cause it to turn white, such as when you blow on it to make it dry faster. Like Sam mentioned, CA can be used for a finish generally...
  5. Steve_Honeycutt

    Mini Max 16 bandsaw

    If you don't mind ordering directly from China, has bearings many with free shipping. You will need your bearing number that Sam mentioned. I'll bet you can beat the Amazon price. I think you will want sealed bearings.
  6. Steve_Honeycutt

    NCWW Contest April 2019 - Post Pictures of a Project with the Best Back Story

    This is a bookcase that I made for my son's first grade teacher in 2015. She went well beyond her normal duties as a teacher to help my son. I gave this to her after the year was over. When she saw it, she cried and said that she did not have any solid wood furniture. I used the scroll saw to...
  7. Steve_Honeycutt

    Chevron Pattern

    Pinterest has many different ways to create the chevron pattern. Some of these illustrations can be found by searching quilting patterns. If you are planning to glue up a panel, I would glue it up with the boards running horizontal. If you cut this panel at a 45 degree angle, invert one of...
  8. Steve_Honeycutt

    Did you know we have a YouTube channel?

    Hank, The names were easy and the woodworkers were very gracious. I had very few people who refused. There were many benefits that were unanticipated, such as Woodworking in America coming to Winston Salem at least partly because we had both Chris Schwarz and Meghan Fitzpatrick on the guest...
  9. Steve_Honeycutt

    Did you know we have a YouTube channel?

    I don’t have the time, but I would be happy to share the lessons that I have learned from doing this over several years.
  10. Steve_Honeycutt

    Did you know we have a YouTube channel?

    Several of these videos came from our speaker series a few years ago, including: Dr. Sara Robinson, aka Dr Spalting (world's foremost expert on spalting) Jonathon Brower furniture maker and designer NCWW Sketchup Workshop with Dave Richards Chat with Paul Anthony, Tim Snyder, and Joe Hurst with...
  11. Steve_Honeycutt

    Bears everywhere

    That first picture needs to be on a poster with the caption "Why I like woodworking". Priceless.
  12. Steve_Honeycutt

    Looking for pine, fir or cedar

    Try checking with XLogger. He lives in Bahama NC.
  13. Steve_Honeycutt

    Sapele/African Mahogany/Zebrawood pricing

    I would start my research at The Hardwood Store and/or Wall Lumber. This will give you an idea of their prices. Depending on availability in your area, you might be able to offer your wood at a premium or you might have to offer it at a discount in order to get rid of it on your schedule.
  14. Steve_Honeycutt

    Fractal Wood Burning Death

    Fractal wood burning aka Lichtenberg wood burning is applying high voltage to wood to create random burns that look like lightning strikes. I have seen voltages as high as 15,000 used. Most people create their own fractal burners with a microwave transformer or a transformer from a neon sign...
  15. Steve_Honeycutt

    2018 Klingspor Extravaganza

    ...nobody got a picture of Izzy Swan trying wood burning with Michael Matthews?
  16. Steve_Honeycutt

    Clamp Exchange

    I saw this today and thought that someone might be able to take advantage of this offer. I have no affiliation with this company and I do not own any clamps that would qualify for this exchange. Armor Tool (see link below) is offering to exchange any wedge lock self adjusting clamp with one of...
  17. Steve_Honeycutt

    Klingspor’s Extravaganza Signup

    I plan to be there on Friday from 9:30-2:00 or 3:00.
  18. Steve_Honeycutt

    New in the Triad

    Robert, Welcome to the group. I also live in Jamestown. I'm live behind the Lowes Food on Guilford College Road. I have been woodworking for about 35 years. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. Steve
  19. Steve_Honeycutt

    2018 Klingspor Extravaganza

    Re: 2018 Klingspor Exstravaganza I plan to be there on Friday from opening 9:30-1:00.

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