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  1. Charlie


    Has anyone heard anything more about Earl?
  2. Charlie

    Drill Press Cabinet

    That looks great. A lot of storage area in a small foot print!
  3. Charlie

    Steady Rest

    Tonika, I think you may want a spindle steady rest for your present project. Check out this one at Klingspor for $55. Stead Fast Steady Rest | Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Or google "lathe spindle steady rest" for...
  4. Charlie

    Steady Rest

    Tonika, You have seen my steady rest which is for a 20" lathe. Made from 1" MDF but I would have used 2 layers of 3/4" ply or MDF if I hadn't had the 1" MDF. Looking at attached photos you should be able to scale it to fit your 16". Let me know if I can help out. You may need to take another...
  5. Charlie

    Jet Lathe Electrical issue

    I don't think you can use a VFD machine on a GFCI circuit.
  6. Charlie

    Triad SHOP CRAWL - August 17th 2019

    Jeremy, I have been to several shop crawls and would like to attend this one. But, since I live in the Raleigh area, please put me on the waiting list so others that live closer or are first time attendees may have the opportunity to participate. Thanks
  7. Charlie

    RDU Lunch this Friday - July 19

    I plan to be there
  8. Charlie

    AAW Symposium

    Scott, can those photos be posted to this site as well for any of us that don't use facebook, etc?
  9. Charlie


    Earl lives in Pikeville near Goldsboro.
  10. Charlie

    New NCWW Record

    It was a fantastic show. Thanks to everyone that assisted in making it so successful. Thanks to Coleman and Klingspor for everything they did for NCWW.
  11. Charlie

    Boardsmith Wins "Best Endgrain Cutting Board" from

    Congrats David, aka BoardSmith. Well deserved.
  12. Charlie

    Request for opinions

    But, "it works great". That's like a car that "gets great gas mileage", but it doesn't run. Lol.
  13. Charlie


    Thank you Steve for starting this great site. And thanks to everyone that has made it what it is today.
  14. Charlie

    problem with Chrome

    Thanks Ron.
  15. Charlie

    Plywood banding clamping suggestions?

    Pin nailer and glue.
  16. Charlie

    New Work Table

    Nice looking bench.
  17. Charlie

    Combo Project - Segmented Woodturning and Pyrography

    Michael, That looks great. Nice job.
  18. Charlie

    RO Pedestal Table

    You are off to a great start. Looks good.
  19. Charlie

    What finish for hanging tool cabinet?

    Paint everything white and brighten up the shop. Lol.
  20. Charlie

    New shop, question about venting dust collection outside

    Bill, I have been doing it for years and my shop has HVAC. I made my own flapper valves for the ends of the ducts. It is great not having to empty barrels, clean filters, etc. I am located just south of Lake Wheeler if you would like to come and see my setup.

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