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    Vintage Craftsman Router

    Hey all, newbie here (still haven't gotten around to my intro post), but I am trying to clean up my small shop and this vintage router is on its way out. It is in good working order, box is a little worse for wear. I believe it dates to ~1963. A few accessories and a handful of original bits...
  2. J

    Old Boice Crane Jointer Question

    Thanks for the reassurances, everyone. I took it home with me this morning. Now I just need to get it dialed in and start running stock through it.
  3. J

    Old Boice Crane Jointer Question

    I have heard many times that 6" can be restrictive. I plan to use a planer sled in the near future if something larger comes along. I haven't seen anything over 6" in my very low-end budget come through CL or FB in the past couple months. I have only been at this for a year or so and recently...
  4. J

    Old Boice Crane Jointer Question

    To clarify: it is a 6" jointer, but the length is 36"
  5. J

    Old Boice Crane Jointer Question

    Understanding that owwm might be a better place to go for this question... I have an appointment to look at a Boice Crane 1400 Jointer in the morning. It has been restored by the current owner and looks gorgeous. My fear is that the manual says it is 36", is that too short to be useful? Does...
  6. J

    Rockwell Delta - Table Saw, RS, 6" Jointer - $1500 (Gone)

    Not sure if this is a "hot deal" but definitely are good looking machines.
  7. J

    Oak Lumber - 700bdft - $2000

    Not mine. I considered messaging saying that $3 per foot was on the low end, but decided to let y'all know instead.
  8. J

    Tools For Sale - $200 (Monroe) GONE

    I felt similarly when I saw it at 7am this morning. Still tried though...

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