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  1. ErnieM

    New Bern June Lunch Bunch

    I'll be there. Ernie
  2. ErnieM

    Latest Turning

    I'm at a loss in trying to find new words of admiration for your work. Maybe Babel would help.
  3. ErnieM

    Email notification

    Nope - I checked my spam and trash folders and nothing from NCWW there. Gonna check under the couch cushions tomorrow.:)
  4. ErnieM

    Email notification

    I am not receiving any emails telling me that someone has responded to a post that I'm subscribed to. Is this feature not working, or has it been discontinued?
  5. ErnieM

    Lost my mentor and friend

    Thanks everyone. Most of us can point to a person that has had a profound influence on our lives. Paul was that for me, and he will be missed.
  6. ErnieM

    Lost my mentor and friend

    Before his retirement, he was the artistic director for Dover books. Practically every book published by Dover had Paul's artwork on their covers. Ironically, painting harpsichord lids was his least favorite part of the construction - possibly because that's what he did at work for all those years.
  7. ErnieM

    Lost my mentor and friend

    I just found out that my friend and mentor, Paul Kennedy, has died. In the mid 1980's I met Paul and he took me under his wing. For the next 6 years, he taught me all he knew about harpsichord building. As we lived a couple of miles apart, I was in his shop constantly - asking questions that...
  8. ErnieM

    Visit to Charlie's shop (candy store)

    Yesterday we had the February meeting of the New Bern lunch bunch at Charlie Stickney's shop in Raleigh. Sandy and I got there at 10:00 and I was like a kid in a candy store. What a fabulous, well thought out shop. Charlie has to import dust from other shops as he never has any lying around...
  9. ErnieM

    Check out this paper airplane

  10. ErnieM

    NCWW Contest Dec 2018: Show us your Best Hand Made Christmas Gift!

    Bob - those flowers are absolutely beautiful. What talent you have! Ernie
  11. ErnieM

    NCWW Contest Dec 2018: Show us your Best Hand Made Christmas Gift!

    Our best friends loved this little music box when I made it a few years ago. I finally got around for making one for them last Christmas. When you press down on the keys, it plays Greensleeves. Happy friends - happy life!
  12. ErnieM

    Measurements and Measuring

    I have several metal rulers in the shop. I use them for drawing reasonably straight lines.:eusa_danc
  13. ErnieM

    Measurements and Measuring

    Go - No one can help me with my problem as it's a problem without a solution. l think you've said it best: " Maintaining perfect measurements in an imperfect medium has to be most challenging!"
  14. ErnieM

    Measurements and Measuring

    Wait a big is each step? How long is each step? How do I know her definition of a "step" is the same as mine? Oh, the insanity!!! :gar-La;
  15. ErnieM

    Measurements and Measuring

    Generally speaking, I agree with you totally - a single ruler should be used for an entire project. This will, or should, make every assembly accurate relative to every other assembly in the project. In most cases, that's fine. In some cases, it's not fine enough. There are times when it's...
  16. ErnieM

    Measurements and Measuring

    It may be fighting windmills, but in some cases, the fight is necessary. In my harpsichord work, a part that is .002" too small or too big may be enough to cause a failure. Granted, this is not a common occurrence, even in instrument making, but it sometimes has to be dealt with. Let's say a...
  17. ErnieM

    Oh no Warped Wood

    Richo I don't quite understand why you don't get your lumber at Precision Molding. 4/4 or 5/4 poplar will probably be cheaper than the "guaranteed to warp" boards from Lowes, and you'll have the extra thickness you need to plane the wood correctly. As you know, I live 10 minutes from Lowes and...
  18. ErnieM

    OMG - Captial City Lumber

    Fred makes an important point that I don't think should be overlooked. A couple of years ago I needed some 1/8" Italian Poplar plywood. I usually get it at Maurice Condon in New York as we're up there a few times a year visiting the kids. Anyway, I had less in stock than I thought I did and...
  19. ErnieM

    New Bern Lunch Bunch for December

    I'll be there. I'll meet you in front of Tyron at 10:15. Ernie
  20. ErnieM

    Installing Metal Inserts for Wood

    I use the method shown in the video too, and I find it works well in softwood. For me, his recommendation to use a bit equal in diameter to the core diameter of the insert makes a hole that is too small for hardwoods. For the inserts I use, the difference between the core diameter and the thread...

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