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    Looking for a small electric motor repair shop near Raleigh

    +1 on Motors & Controls - good guy to work with ....

    Classified Challenges

    Had a devil of a time trying to find how to create a post in the Classifieds for an item I am selling. Finally solved the riddle, and created a post, complete with a pic. When it was published neither the picture nor the price came through. Now I cannot find where the edit capability is to...

    Refinish Danish Teak Table Top

    Well, this is a good deal of help - just what I need! I have to say that in the past my own experience with using lacquer thinner to remove a lacquer surface was not successful. I will definitely try again with wooly steel and thinner. If this works it is likely to be just what I need. Today...

    Refinish Danish Teak Table Top

    Thank you for the advice Jeff. I know it is a mess - the scratches and water stains will be challenging to deal with. I am fairly confident it is veneer. Only way to know for certain is take a core from underneath. Better yet - there are some screwed battens I might be able to remove and...

    Refinish Danish Teak Table Top

    Okay, here are some pix. Gruesome, but very much still worth rescuing! Wanted to post many pix but for some reason the window would time out on the upload, and then I would be logged out. I tried to reduce image file size as I thought that was the likely culprit, but could not make it much...

    Refinish Danish Teak Table Top

    Thank you Raymond. Will post pix shortly ...

    Refinish Danish Teak Table Top

    I hope someone might offer a suggestion for refinishing a badly stained teak table top that is Danish Modern. This means basically that it is teak veneered and is a light brown color. The stains very likely go well down below the veneer so sanding them out is not possible. I doubt that a...

    Looking for advice on cleaning up old 4 1/8" Craftsman Jointer/Planer

    I'll bet you can still get the belt at Sears - they have almost always been able to source replacement parts going back a long, long way. You can search on their parts site. Also, you could do worse than read up on your restoration issues by visiting I'm confident...

    A different use of power ...

    Thought you all would enjoy this ... hope it hasn't been posted before!
  10. DIYGUY

    Advice needed on broken Delta drill press

    Thought about this problem some more. Perhaps it would be worth some extra $$ to shop around for something akin to this: Of course - you need an original to create a pattern, and thus, pay for two to get one that will presumably last...
  11. DIYGUY

    Ridgid 14" Band saw repair

    Have you considered a nut splitter? You can pick one up for ~$20 or so. Shame for a tool you will likely use only once in a lifetime, but you might get something back if you list on CL ...
  12. DIYGUY

    Advice needed on broken Delta drill press

    Will this fit?
  13. DIYGUY

    How to cut old barn beam

    Don't know what saws you have in your kit, have you considered using a table saw? If you have one, you could cut several passes, increasing the depth with each one until the max is reached. Then flip it over and repeat. If your TS is a 10" blade, you should be left with a narrow residual that...
  14. DIYGUY

    First Wood Bending Project

    Kalimba's come in all kinds of types, sizes and configurations. They have an appealing musical tone, and can be (and often are) made with a cigar box. They don't take long to learn how to play, and due to their size, yet distinct resonance can be charming. The length turned out to be about...
  15. DIYGUY

    First Wood Bending Project

    I started this little Kalimba about two years back as a graduation present for my daughter, who got her degree from UNC. She has tremendous musical gifts, and I thought this might be a welcome memento of her accomplishment. I was inspired by a YouTube video on making a ukulele, and felt that I...
  16. DIYGUY

    JET contractor saw splitter needed

    Here are the pics I promised. Hope this helps, and best of luck.
  17. DIYGUY

    JET contractor saw splitter needed

    You can fab your own out of a piece of 1/8" bar stock. It's readily available from the BORGs, and might take you 20 minutes total. I made one for my Delta CS many moons back. I also fabbed in a spring loaded clamp for it, so that I can install, and remove it in about 2 seconds flat. If I...
  18. DIYGUY

    Need Green Stock for Steam Bending

    I can do this! I tried bending some spalted maple wood with a steam chamber, but even though it was only 1/8" thick, and it was steamed for over two hours, it just cracked when I tried to form it. I read that wood dried to a moisture content of less than 8% will not bend properly. Thus, I was...
  19. DIYGUY

    Need Green Stock for Steam Bending

    I am trying to source green stock that is suitable to steam bend. I will use it to form the sides of a Kalimba, in a guitar body pattern. Ideally, it would be something with figure, and attractive, as well as fairly easy to work with. Does anyone know of a source where I might find such a...
  20. DIYGUY

    Looking for a Workmate collectors website

    There is a Black and Decker Parts/Repair store on Capital Boulevard in Raleigh. I have sourced several parts for my two workmates from there over the years. Best of luck ...

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