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    Grizzly Cyclone $450

    Grizzly 2HP Model G0441 cyclone dust collector. Purchased new in 2008. Still in perfect operating condition, fully assembled. 35 gallon chip drum (smaller than one in photo). Noise reduction muffler included. Remote control included. 220V.
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    Sunny Scrollers

    There will be a meeting of the Sunny Scrollers (scroll saw club) this Sunday, July 7th, 2019 from 2-4 PM at Klingspors Woodworking shop in Cary, NC. Everyone is invited! Lee K.
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    Sunny Scrollers meeting June 2, 2019

    The Scroll Saw club, Sunny Scrollers, will have their next meeting at Klingspore's in Cary, NC on Sunday, June 2nd from 2-4 PM. Can't wait to see everyone there as I've been out of the country for the past two meetings. The meeting is open to everyone whether you scroll saw or want to learn...
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    Sunny Scroller meeting

    Hi All! This Sunday, February 3rd will be a meeting of the Sunny Scroller club at Klingspor in Cary from 2-4 PM. Everyone both old and new are welcome!!
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    Sunny Scrollers Meeting 1/6

    Hi All! The first Sunny Scrollers meeting of 2019 will be held this coming Sunday 1/6 from 2-4 PM at Klingspor's Woodworking Shop in Cary. As a reminder, meetings are always held on the first Sunday of each month, same time and place. EVERYONE is welcome whether you scroll or not as we will...
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    3rd Sunny Scrollers meeting

    Hi All! This Sunday, Dec. 2nd, will be the third meeting of the Sunny Scrollers (scroll saw) at Klingspor woodwork shop in Cary at @ 2pm. Hope to see any and all scrollers there and anyone who is even interested in scroll sawing. Lee K.
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    Sunny Scrollers meeting

    This Sunday, Nov. 4th will be the 2nd meeting of the newly formed scroll sawers (Sunny Scrollers) in the Triangle. It will be held at Klingspor in Cary from 2-4 PM. Please bring your latest project for "show and tell" and any questions to ask of the group. There is also some very BIG news to...
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    Scrollsaw Club in Raleigh ?? NOTE NEW DATE

    Update: New information The next meeting of the Scroll Sawers in the Triangle (the Sunny Scrollers) will be held at Klingspor in Cary on the first Sunday in November, Nov. 4th from 2-4 PM. Please note I edited the date on my last post about this past Sunday’s meeting of the Sunny Scrollers...
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    Exercise in patience… or Art of Procrastination !

    For 25 years our “office” desk has been a piece of glass (5 ft x 30 inches) resting on two steel file cabinets. Not very elegant, but extremely economical and functional. Beginning in 2010 we started looking for the “perfect” wood slab to replace the glass. We wanted an 8 foot long desk we...
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    Shopping for scrollsaw

    I have been using a Delta scrollsaw for 7 years and while the saw is still in very good condition, I am ready to upgrade to either the Hawk, Hegner, or Excalibur. Although YouTube videos are informative I would really like to touch and feel at least one or all three of these saws. But I don't...
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    Bowling Ball

    I'm guessing not too many of us have ever seen one of these things... a bowling ball made of lignum vitae... has to be at least 100 years old... it is not mine. A friend has asked me to clean it up and refinish it. It will be displayed as a conversation piece with a candle in one of...
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    the Oak tree

    I just finished reading this fantastic book about the oak tree.... "Oak - the frame of civilization" by William Bryant Logan. It is an amazing history of how the oak tree has literally sustained our evolution. A must read for anyone who works wood and especially for those who feel oak is the...
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    Drying Cedar

    I have a question perhaps some of the sawyers or "driers" could help me with? I have a friend who has been air drying some eastern red cedar boards. He will bring them into an un-conditioned shop to acclimate for a month. If he uses it for indoor furniture should it be further kiln dried not...
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    Greetings to all the fine people on this forum -- and bravo-zulu to Steve Coles for his vision and the moderators for their execution. As a “guest” for a few months it quickly became apparent how helpful and friendly the folks in this community are. I read the forum and view the photos in awe of...

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