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  1. Phil S

    Segmented ornament!

  2. Phil S

    Suggestions Needed

    My process would be glue the veneer on overlapping the old by a bit. Setup a table saw to cut just shy of thru the veneer - a test cut or two with a practice board will help. then cut the final few thousandths with a knife A router with an upcut bit and fence will also work. My slider table saw...
  3. Phil S

    Restoration Help In Triangle

    Penders Antiques in Raleigh is the company I would call.
  4. Phil S


  5. Phil S

    Air compressor... Merry Christmas

    I have the 1hp 2 gallon and it works great spraying paint. I bought it to paint some rental kitchen cabinets in place. Shot tinted lacquer with a Sprayit LVLP gun using a 1.3 needle/tip. The Sprayit guns are also sold by California air tools
  6. Phil S

    New old member...

    Welcome ... again
  7. Phil S

    Graco Spraystation 3900

    Nope. Knowing the high price of auto paints I would not try to spray them with an inferior/cheap gun
  8. Phil S

    Monthly contest - Holiday gifts

    Extended until 12/28. Done.
  9. Phil S

    Monthly contest - Holiday gifts

    And you both do very nice work
  10. Phil S

    Another New User From Charlotte

  11. Phil S

    Free Billboard Display

    Our monthly contest winner would be awesome on that
  12. Phil S

    Monthly contest - Holiday gifts

    Please post photos and description of what you have made. Submissions will be accepted until Dec 28 and voting will run Dec 29 to Jan 2
  13. Phil S

    Monthly contest - revisited

    An old tradition brought back to life. It has been a few years - recognition of fine work and the maker is still important, both as a pat on the back and inspiration to others. The best of the best will be highlighted monthly on our front page. Voting will be a simple one week poll taken the...
  14. Phil S

    RDU Lunch Friday November 19

    Just a stones throw from the Cary Klingspor store Lunch will be at Macgregor Draft House in Macgregor Village. I will set it up for 11:30 They have a nice outdoor patio we can use Hope to see you there
  15. Phil S

    Rate this kitchen design

    I would remove more of the wall-back to the edge of the corner cabinet Then change the adjoining cabinet (looks like a 8” wide) to open shelves or a display cabinet with glass on the 12” side
  16. Phil S

    Water based poly on top of danish oil

    My experience is that oil snd water do not mix well - never have and probably never will. I would let that oil “dry” for a few weeks then apply a sealer such as vinyl sealer or shellac and then a lacquer or conversion varnish top coat(s)
  17. Phil S

    Birthday Present

    Great job Dirk
  18. Phil S

    Music Box/Jewelry Box

    Great work. Thanks for sharing this
  19. Phil S

    1983 Tannewitz 36" Bandsaw

    I must pass. Sure would like it but a fifth is just too many

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