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  1. pop-pop

    Trapezoidal beveled glass panels - free (donated 27Nov2021)

    Someone probably has a project in mind that could use these four 3/16” thick glass panels. There are some minor edge chips that would be hidden by the rabbet for the glass. The dimensions on the blue tape are to the outside edges.
  2. pop-pop

    Edge jointing technique

    I am making new benchtop for my folding portable workbench. Each laminated SYP top half is about 2” x 9” x 30”. After using both a powered jointer and a jointer plane, I was still getting a gap at each end when I butted the top halves. Saturday, Chris Schwarz and Megan Fitzpatrick hosted...
  3. pop-pop

    DP table, version 2

    Got a new DP earlier this year and temporarily used my previous table. Version 2 is the same overall design with a few dimension changes and improvements. The fence is WoodRiver and I bought an extra flip stop for it. The top and bottom layers are 1/2” BB ply and the middle layer is 3/4” BB...
  4. pop-pop

    Clamp pad solution?

    Has anyone found a robust solution for keeping this type of clamp pad in place for a long time? The best imperfect solution for me has been thinnish (.010 or so) double-sided tape.
  5. pop-pop

    A vise question for chair makers

    This artisan made a superb quality chair makers vise. Check out the pics before optionally viewing the construction video. The chair maker's vise One possible advantage may be that the hollow square top of the vise could be a useful reference plane. Other than that, a Moxon vise...
  6. pop-pop

    Making toy truck beds

    This year Triangle Woodworkers Association will be making over 4000 wooden toys that will be donated to the Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots program. My part is making about 150 toy truck beds with headboards like this: I am sharing my methodology in case there is an idea someone can...
  7. pop-pop


    For my rate of usage, I usually buy Titebond in containers with tops like this: The last several bottles have had a tendency for the sliding portion of the top to firmly glue itself to the center portion in between usages. I usually have to prize the sliding portion with a screwdriver to get...
  8. pop-pop

    Truncated photo workaround

    This workaround has been dependable on my iPad. When the first photo in a post gets truncated, I tap on the thingy circled in yellow below. and then voila!
  9. pop-pop

    BS detensioner

    For the last couple of decades, this was my bandsaw tension adjuster and it was four rotations each time to tension for sawing or four rotations to de-tension for parking. Now, here is my new tension lever in the park (or adjust) position. And, here it is in the sawing position a quarter...
  10. pop-pop

    Six vises

    These six high vises that I just delivered eventually will be used at The Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro, NC. The vise design is the same as in the NCWW workshop last month. Vises are mostly mahogany with bits of walnut. Many thanks to Phil S for the donation of the mahogany for this...
  11. pop-pop

    Nice DP fence

    I have purchased some power tool accessories and been disappointed. A WoodRiver drill press fence that I purchased a couple of months ago has been a delight. Features include an adjustable split fence, flip stop, and a vacuum port. When the geometry is favorable, “wood turds” get mostly...
  12. pop-pop

    Howto correct X-cross vise toe-in

    A new vise that I am assembling had too much toe-out. This can happen when little errors accumulate in the wrong direction. The first step is to check that the screw is perpendicular to the leg. Note that the blade of the square is against the leg and the thicker square handle is against the...
  13. pop-pop

    Tall Vise Workshop drawings added to Resources

    A 10-page PDF is now available in the Resources section of this site containing the drawings and procedural steps for making a tall vise.
  14. pop-pop

    Disston 10 point crosscut saw

    Picked up this saw at an estate sale today. Hoping that there is some etching under the rust. Among the many rust removal potions, which one would work best for this saw?
  15. pop-pop

    Odd leg vise at Museum of Arts in Colonial Williamsburg

    This leg vise has two oddities. 1) The leg of the vise is not the usual leg of the bench. 2) The leg and chop of the vise extend above the bench top by 2” or so. The top of the vise shows wear so it must work well enough.
  16. pop-pop

    Subfloor framing

    A new house nearby is being framed like this with lap joints. 2x10 on short spans will make a stiff floor. No hangers save cost & labor. Is this the current practice?
  17. pop-pop

    Router plane fine adjustment

    My antique router plane lacks the threaded adjustment of modern ones. Hopefully this is not an “everybody knows that” but tapping on the top of the iron’s stem with a plane adjusting hammer enables me to increase the depth of cut in small increments. Since the thumbscrew is kept tight...
  18. pop-pop

    DP chuck key handle

    Tightening with the chuck key on my new drill press hurt my hand a bit. Since this elevation lock knob is working so well for me, I thought that a smaller version would work on the chuck. I glued up a knob, removed the chuck key cross pin, replaced it with a spring pin, and made a recess for...
  19. pop-pop

    Unpasted wallpaper

    The “speaker of the house” bought some wallpaper for our powder room and when I started on the project today I noticed the paper was unpasted. Recent papering jobs were with pre-pasted paper and I brushed on the special paste for PP paper, booked, etc. These wallpaper instructions noted this...
  20. pop-pop

    Drill press table lock knob

    I bought a new drill press recently and found that the table lock lever was a bit hard for me to tighten securely. My first thought was to add a wooden extension the existing lever but since there was plenty of room, I made a wooden knob instead. The thick thrust washer was made from a...

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