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  1. walnutjerry

    Change comes with time

    I have found that nothing stays the same forever even includes light fixtures. I have 8' fluorescent 2 tube fixtures and have issues with 2 of them. One will not light up at all even after putting new tubes in. The other will only light up only one tube. I decided I would just replace the...
  2. walnutjerry

    grouping members

    I was trying to find out just how many members we have that live in Salisbury, NC, or Rowan County . I went to advanced search but did not see how to search for members by location. Seems I remember this coming up before but do not remember the outcome of the question. Is there a way to do...
  3. walnutjerry

    Best support ever

    I just recently had a negative event with my Easy Wood full size Ci3 hollower. The insert came out while I was turning and imbedded itself in the inside of the neck of the bowl I was turning.:( I was able to retrieve the insert but the screw was lost. I emailed Easy Wood Tools service and got...
  4. walnutjerry

    Brag on a Vendor

    Well guys, I had a very pleasant surprise immediately following a great disappointment. Last year at the WW show in Hickory i bought the Trend Airshield Pro shield/mask. Believe it or not--I have not used it until today. I had charged it up and made sure everything was assembled as it should...
  5. walnutjerry

    Equipment on the Market

    For all those searching for shop equipment go to the NC Surplus site and check out the listing for Haywood Community College in Clyde, NC. Some of the things listed: 16" Laguna BS----5hp 15" Jet planer-----3hp 10" Oliver...
  6. walnutjerry

    Gunstock Finish

    Who has the expertise on gun stock finishes? My grandson wants to refinish the stock and forarm for a shotgun made in 1946. What do you think was the original finish? My guess would be lacquer but I reall do not know. Any help/advise is appreciated. Jerry
  7. walnutjerry

    No comments

    When I go to the gallery and click on an image, scroll down and click "comments" , it does not show any comments . Jerry
  8. walnutjerry

    I found it

    after signing in. Thought I checked-------remember me-----------oh well!!! Purpose of the post is to locate a good fresh air mask. Does anyone on the sight use one? I know they are expensive but I must do something to continue doing woodworking. Thanks in advance, Jerry
  9. walnutjerry

    Antler help

    I thought there may be someone on this site who has had some experience with deer antler. My grandson is trying to make a knife handle for an old butcher knife. He is wanting to cut a kerf wide enough for the blade stock to slide into. The kerf will stop a little short of full length of the...
  10. walnutjerry

    Machinery sale follow this link to see ww equipment being sold as NC State Surplus--------most of it seems to be in Hickory. May or may not end up at a bargain price----------u be the judge. Jerry:gar-Bi
  11. walnutjerry

    Got any Baseball Fans??????????

    Just a bit of trivia for the members-----The Rowan County American Legion baseball team advanced to the Legion World Series being played at Fargo, ND. They are still alive after ousting last years champs in an extra inning game last night. As it is now---they can do no worse than 4th place...
  12. walnutjerry

    saw blade sale here is a link to the "Infinitey" tooling site. Seemed to be some fairly good pricing on the "sale" items. Jerry
  13. walnutjerry

    double vision or what?

    Just replied to a post concerning backgammon--------only made one reply but it posted twice. What gives?????????? Jerry
  14. walnutjerry

    A Face to Face meeting today

    with one of our members---------Philip Christy. It was a pleasure meeting Phillip today and giving him a very brief tour of my shop mess. Since he was on a tight schedule, we did not get to share lunch this time but the time he was here tells me he is truly a "gentleman". Thank you Phillip...
  15. walnutjerry

    Just how much

    gap do you need on the jamb side of a bifold door? Not sure this is the right forum for this but it seemed to fit the best. I am reworking some bifold doors for the kitchen pantry----the opening is about 1 3/4" wider than the doors accumalated width. I think I need to add some to the edges...
  16. walnutjerry

    [Problem-Gallery] sort function

    The sort function in the gallery is not working for me. I tried ascending and descending sorting--------nothing changed. Jerry
  17. walnutjerry

    For Those Who Missed Out

    on the "Hooper yard tool sale"-----------it is happening again the coming Saturday, August 16. Same location, still some really good prices and a lot is still there. Hope a few more can come and give a good home to those tools!! Jerry
  18. walnutjerry

    Just Trying

    to see if I can get a pic posted since methods of doing that changed a while back. Here goes: :dontknow::dontknow::dontknow::dontknow::dontknow: Jerry
  19. walnutjerry

    For Those Who Attended

    the "Hooper Tool Sale" -----------------Thank you for coming!! I feel good that the tools will be put to use by people who share the same interest of woodworking. I think Steve would be pleased. A quote from Diane------- "Please let all those who attended and bought stuff know how much I...
  20. walnutjerry

    It Is Going To Happen

    The Tool Yard Sale Saturday, Aug. 2, 2008 8am til 5pm Sunday, Aug. 3, 2008 1pm til 5pm OR By appointment weekdays after 5pm AFTER THE SALE DATE CONTACT: to make an appointment if you cannot make it on sale dates. Tools and accessories from Steve Hoopers shop located in...

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