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  1. Gotcha6

    What to do with it?

    I had a 24" and 12" 'twin' hickory that split up the middle of the larger half and had to be dropped on January 1 of this year at my old home. It was leaning towards the house and I didn't want it to damage it. Because I didn't have the time or inclination to deal with it, I offered it to a...
  2. Gotcha6

    Can someone tell me what this is from?

    I found this inside a house we were about to demolish in CLT last Thursday. I can't recall having seen a plane big enough to hold this beast.
  3. Gotcha6

    Woodcarvers Showcase, Charlotte, NC 2/22-23

    Got this info from a flyer at the care facility where my mom is staying: Charlotte Woodcarvers are having a showcase event at CPCC, the Worrell Building 1228 Elizabeth Ave, on February 22 & 23. Exhibit hours are 12:00-4:00 PM on Saturday and 10:00-4:00 on Sunday. Vendors will be selling at...
  4. Gotcha6

    Charlotte Woodcarvers show

    While I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I thought I would post this: Charlotte Woodcarvers are having an exhibit at Worrell Hall on the CPCC campus, 1228 Elizabeth Ave. Charlotte, NC on February 23 & 24. I've been to these in the past at other venues and there are usually some...
  5. Gotcha6

    SawStop 3 HP $1800

    Not mine. Just saws it on C/L:
  6. Gotcha6

    New Roku WWing channel

    FWIW, Roku has recently added some channels to its lineup, one of which is called 'woodworkinghq'. Although it has only a limited selection at this time, I expect it may be something worth keeping an eye on. It appears to basically be YouTube type videos for viewing on your TV or other...
  7. Gotcha6

    Possible temporary policy change?

    Given that the Classified section does not have the ability to show photos, would it be possible to suspend the policy of posting ads in another forum to allow the seller the opportunity to upload a photo(s) of the item? It is somewhat frustrating as a buyer to be unable to see what the item...
  8. Gotcha6

    A pleasant surprise and possible opportunity for some

    Back in 2014 we had to put down a longtime pet, a Black Lab. We had the remains cremated and returned to us. It came in a cardboard box which I set aside for a future project to make an urn. Last year one of our cats had to be put down and we did the same thing. Yesterday I picked up the...
  9. Gotcha6

    Do you still have it?

    For the last 3 weeks I have been convalescing at home from back surgery. To pass the time, LOML had brought home a large box of old FWW magazines donated to the library where she works that they could no longer use. Some issues are 25+ years old. Many of the ads for stationary and even...
  10. Gotcha6


    I had a lumbar/sacral fusion along with lumbar stenosis irrigation on 1/29. I go home from rehabilitation tomorrow. Restricted to no bending, twisting, or lifting over 10# until after follow-up with neurosurgeon in mid March. Also getting around with a brace and walker. Good news (if you can...
  11. Gotcha6

    Now why didn't I think of this?

    From the Instructables website, a drum sander adapted to run on a lathe, probably expandable too!
  12. Gotcha6

    Fidget Spinners $.99 each at Ollie's

    The Ollie's in Matthews has Fidget Spinners for $.99 each. While the spinners themselves aren't a WWing item, each spinner has 4 removable ball bearings that can be used for other projects. The center bearings may or may not be the same size as the 3 peripheral bearings.
  13. Gotcha6

    If you think you can't....

    If you think you can't have a shop because it takes up too much space or you need to buy the most expensive tools available, then you need to look at this link:
  14. Gotcha6

    A wakeup call.....

    I found these photos from an estate auction sale online in Midland, NC, just up the road from me: I would be willing to guess the former owner wasn't much different in age from myself. Take a moment...
  15. Gotcha6

    How'd they do this?

    I was eating lunch in a Showmar's in Rock Hill, SC. The table top had an interesting grain treatment to one segment. Does anyone know how/what this is? It just looks way cool to me...
  16. Gotcha6

    An odd question on Amazon Ask

    Being a frequent purchaser on Amazon, I am often asked to answer questions concerning the items I have bought. This morning I was asked by another customer via that site if there was a blade guard for the DeWalt 20v band saw. The stated that if they laid their finger against the blade and...
  17. Gotcha6

    Bosch vs. SawStop litigatiom update

    The following link is from Woodworker's Journal. It is intended for information only. I realize this topic is controversial to many members, but I still feel we all have a vested interest in safety and should be aware of this development, although it is not a conclusion...
  18. Gotcha6

    What time is it?

    I'm seeing posts logged in on my screen an hour ahead of the actual time. Do we have a clock issue? My computer is set for EST.
  19. Gotcha6

    And the plot thickens - RE: Sawstop vs. Bosch

    This article was in the online version of WWer's Journal and I though it would be good for information. There is much controversy over the SawStop system and Bosch seems to have built a better mousetrap, much to the dismay of SawStop. Keep in mind I'm posting this for information only and...
  20. Gotcha6

    Grizzly TS 3HP $500 in Concord

    Just saw this. Looks interesting

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