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  1. Wiley's Woodworks

    Restoration Help In Triangle

    There is no fixed budget. Whoever inspects the trunk will set the budget. If I could look at it I wouldn't make the call on whether the hardware had to be removed until I was looking at it, and I realize removing the hardware could double the price.
  2. Wiley's Woodworks

    Restoration Help In Triangle

    Good friends of mine have acquired a family heirloom--a large steamer trunk that's about 200 years old. It's in remarkably good condition; there are no broken pieces and all the plate metal connectors and braces are there and in good shape. Only significant issue is the lid hinges don't...
  3. Wiley's Woodworks

    Seperation at glue up

    It looks like quarter sawn white oak. Put a thin line of Titebond III (closest match in color to wood) on split, force it in with a putty knife, and immediately wipe it off with a wet rag. Let dry.
  4. Wiley's Woodworks

    Router Lesson Learned The Hard Way

    My router lift in my table is made of aluminum, as many (most?) are. When I changed bits without realizing it I rotated the steel wrench against the edge of the flat plate where the large round plate screws in. It created a tiny burr that wasn't visible. When I ran my round table top over the...
  5. Wiley's Woodworks

    Sandpaper test

    Bought the 3M X Tract straight off the video. Just finished using 120 grit for first time. Observations: Biggest improvement (over Klingspors aluminum oxide, my current stock) was dust collection. I used a Dewalt 5" ROS with 8 holes for dust collection. For some reason the dust is removed...
  6. Wiley's Woodworks

    Router trays

    That looks great for 1st time work. I'm interested in the bear paw template. I live in Waynesville/Maggie Valley, and everything up here is bear or elk. Also, could you direct me to any instructional information or You Tube videos. Thanks.
  7. Wiley's Woodworks

    How did you settle on one or two woodworking favorites?

    When I got serious about my woodworking, my approach was that after I found something that intrigued me, I would make 10 of them. After making 10 I would: know how to make it in the most efficient way have any and all jigs and speciality tools that made making it easier have an accurate...
  8. Wiley's Woodworks

    Walnut coat rack $250

    If the hooks are solid brass, where did you get them?
  9. Wiley's Woodworks

    Which side do the hinges go?

    Just to make this thread complicated, hinge the center door for a right-handed person. To me that's putting the hinges on the right side. My 2 cents.
  10. Wiley's Woodworks

    Filling a Lamp Base

    If you use any mixture that includes water, spray the underside of the base with an anti-rust paint or primer before you pour in the mixture.
  11. Wiley's Woodworks

    Woodworking Clubs

    We have a woodworkers club based in Waynesville. Currently there are six of us with expertise from quality furniture to home fixtures to woodturning to lumber identification. We choose to be slightly unorganized and meet ~ six weeks. If you live in the general vicinity of Haywood County you...
  12. Wiley's Woodworks

    Dewalt DW735 Purchase

    Factor into your "deal" that you can't get a warranty on it because you don't have the purchase receipt. Also, really inspect the planer. "Still in the box doesn't mean "new in the box". If you have any suspicions, follow Hank's advice. You don't go into any detail, so you may need to...
  13. Wiley's Woodworks

    SOLD - Record No. 5 Jack Plane For Sale

    Hey Ed--Can I buy it for $65? The extra $10 is to help with shipping. I'm way out--a hour west of Asheville--which is too far to travel.
  14. Wiley's Woodworks

    Sawmill locations

    You didn't say why you're checking out sawmills, but Franklin Wood Warehouse has an excellent selection of furniture grade woods. Buddy, the owner, gets all his lumber planed and jointed on two faces so you can see what you're buying. He is working on selling the entire business if that would...
  15. Wiley's Woodworks

    ISO shop stools

    Northern Tool has them on sale right now for $50.
  16. Wiley's Woodworks

    FS - British Stanley #6, Full Restoration

    Hey Matt--For a long time I have wanted to put together a set of quality working grade planes. I don't need no stinkin' polished brass showpieces, but I would take them if someone was just unloading them. I think anyone who has owned over 100 planes of one brand has probably been through...
  17. Wiley's Woodworks

    Heinrich Bracht chisels

    I suggest you think twice about getting a metric set just because the price is right. That 1/64" that you're off because the chisel doesn't fit the job at best will make you take longer because you have to go back and do it again, and at worst will result in oversized holes and pockets that...
  18. Wiley's Woodworks

    Rethink the raffle

    Thanks Bas--Once again you got me taken care of.
  19. Wiley's Woodworks

    Rethink the raffle

    Your instructions aren't working for me; it's probably me. I click on the top banner--one with state outline and NCWW overlay, and it takes me to the NCWW home page. There, I can't find any "raffle tickets" to click on.
  20. Wiley's Woodworks

    Rethink the raffle

    I get so much out of NCWW the least I can do is support it. How do I purchase tickets; I couldn't find any page on the website. Thanks.

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