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  1. Matt Schnurbusch

    Grizzly G0555 Tensioner Adjustment 2019-04-16

    I sent a request to Grizzly some time ago to ask permission to be able to post this document on the forum. I finally received permission, so here it is. Matt
  2. Matt Schnurbusch

    Ridgid Jointer @ Capital Blvd. $107

    Yes, The Homed Depot on Capital Blvd.
  3. Matt Schnurbusch

    Ridgid Jointer @ Capital Blvd. $107

    Title pretty much sums it up... I was in the Capital Blvd. store today for some materials, and walked through the tool aisle like I always do. They have one NIB jointer left on clearance for $107. GO GET IT!!!
  4. SDC10322


  5. Grill Damage 1

    Grill Damage 1

  6. SDC10317


  7. Matt Schnurbusch

    Need recommendation for HVAC contractor in Garner and Cary

    My brother owns and operates HVAC & Refrigeration Experts. (919) 773-9223. For obvious reason, I don't let anyone else touch my A/C. But I know they do fantastic work, as I have referred his company to several of my customers with zero complaints.
  8. Off Topic

    Off Topic

  9. What is it?

    What is it?

  10. Matt Schnurbusch

    Poplar Veneer....discounted??

    I give him credit for creative marketing. Takes guts to place an ad like that... Or a complete lack of grey matter.
  11. Matt Schnurbusch

    Jointer/Planer/Router table in Greensboro

    What I find amazing, is that anyone actually posts to the newspaper classifieds anymore.
  12. Matt Schnurbusch

    Orange gloat

    That's a heck of a haul in a go-cart :rotflm: and a nice cluster of gloatage. I like the compressor set up. Is it quiet? my PC pancake compressor is LOUD!! Scares the bejeepers out of everyone when it fires up. Wonder if it would fit conveniently in my van.
  13. Matt Schnurbusch

    NCWW Picnic Saturday May 22nd Chapel Hill's Southern Community Park

    Signed up, and reminder placed in calendar. I really like to cook & eat new and different things. I know the entree will be pig. Should I start a new thread for side dishes? A family favorite is deviled eggs, but we don't need everyone to bring deviled eggs. So I'm looking for ideas in...
  14. Matt Schnurbusch

    Remodeling at my folks' house

    Trent, Very nice work. Taking down the popcorn isn't really all that difficult. Messy, but not difficult. The part I hate is the skim coat and sanding afterward.
  15. Matt Schnurbusch

    1/2" MDF in RDU?

    Depends on the BORG. The Lowes at 40/42 does not stock 1/2". The HD on Timber Dr. does. I would check both BORGS in your area. If one does not have it, the other likely will.
  16. Matt Schnurbusch

    MDF caused pot usage....

    Re: MDF causes pot usage.... While truly useful, a neti pot has to be one of the most disgusting things I have have ever used. Fortunately (maybe not if you ask LOML) I have a very hairy nose. MDF + my nose = BLACK tissues!!
  17. Matt Schnurbusch

    New Member Chat and Topic for 3/25!

    I voted with Steve Coles. I have 4 cordless drill/drivers, 2 cordless impacts, 2 corded, and the use of a monster press. Each has it's own use. I also must congratulate whomever put together the gif for the banner. At first I thought "Nice gif, too bad the drill bit is spinning backwards."...
  18. Matt Schnurbusch

    Seeking Recommendations for Shop Size/Layout

    I just added up the linear feet in my above post, and is 21' from the first wall to the end of the assembly table. I still think I could be happy in a 16x20, just a little compressed!
  19. Matt Schnurbusch

    Seeking Recommendations for Shop Size/Layout

    If it were me, I'd go for the 16x20. Set the TS dead center, and use an assembly table with a short "wing" for the out feed. Set the other equipment smartly to allow for projects to start at one end and work towards the other end. My current shop is a little bigger at 16x32, but I think I...
  20. Matt Schnurbusch

    PE offer: Raleigh to Charlotte (Matthews Arboretum) & back

    Leaving bright and early Saturday morning, returning Saturday evening. Space available would be the trunk of a Dodge Intrepid, so, nothing really big can be carried. I can make arrangements to pick up tomorrow, Friday 03-26-10. Let me know if I can help. Frequent trips to follow.

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