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  1. mpholway

    Anyone want to buy some cherry for $50 per bf?

    My wife and I love that store and can spend days looking around but the only thing I can actually afford is a t-shirt.
  2. mpholway

    Rockler Workbench Casters

    Hello all, both sets have been spoken for. If anything falls through I will post an update.
  3. mpholway

    Rockler Workbench Casters

    I have 2 sets of Rockler bench casters for sale. They list at $65.99. I am asking $35. The load rating is 400#...
  4. mpholway

    Good deed just waiting for a few volunteers

    DOH "The address for this sale is 2708 Allred Road Lexington NC" Got it!
  5. mpholway

    Good deed just waiting for a few volunteers

    Richard, We plan on being there at 9:00 and need an address please. Matt
  6. mpholway

    Sanding a tabletop (slab)

    I've bought wood from Scott in the past and it had not occurred to me to ask him about sanding. I just reached out and I'll provide an update once I hear back.
  7. mpholway

    Sanding a tabletop (slab)

    Yes, Raleigh Reclamation is an option. I used them for a tabletop that was too big (48 x 108) for the equipment at Hardwood Store in the past but they were quite expensive.
  8. mpholway

    Sanding a tabletop (slab)

    Hello all, I have a 36x48 table top that I would like to run through a belt sander. In the past I would have taken it to the Hardwood Store of NC but they have changed their policy and will only provide sanding services for wood that was purchased at their store. On this particular project I...
  9. mpholway

    Router bit slipping

    Thank you all. I knew to make sure it wasn't bottomed out. I used some scotchbrite on the bit and cleaned the collet and no more issues.
  10. mpholway

    Router bit slipping

    Hello all, I have a Porter Cable router with a 1/2 " collect. I am trying to rout a 60" table top and the bit keeps slipping, irrespective of how much I tighten it. Any thoughts on what is wrong, needs to be fixed, adjusted, replaced? Thanks, Matt
  11. mpholway

    Torch wood "staining"

    Hello all, Do any of you out there have any experience torching wood as part of a finishing process? I am going to try it and looking for recommendations re torch recommendation. Thanks, as always, Matt
  12. mpholway

    Pedestal Table Design Question

    It is round and will be a standard dining room table height of 29 inches. The top will be 1 and 1/2 inches thick. I want the base to be small enough so as to be unobtrusive but big enough to be stable.
  13. mpholway

    Pedestal Table Design Question

    Good day to all, I am building a 58 inch pedestal table and need to know how big the base should be to ensure that it is stable. Where might I get this information? Is there some formula or might this information be published somewhere that eludes me? The base will be half-lapped 8/4...
  14. mpholway

    I am down to one home improvement store

    Phil, I feel your pain and am constantly frustrated with Lowes. I go to HD rather than Lowes whenever I can but down here near Pinehurst there is no other option.
  15. mpholway

    Wood turning group near Raleigh

    Thanks Charlie - I knew I could count on you
  16. mpholway

    Wood turning group near Raleigh

    Hello all, I have a friend in the RTP area who is interested in starting up with wood turning. Where might I direct him to get started? Thanks as always, Matt
  17. mpholway

    Wooden pallets

    Willem, I live in West End and need some pallets for a project. I'll reach out to you with a message. Matt
  18. mpholway

    Local wide-belt sander in RTP area

    My experience: Raleigh Reclaimed has the equipment to do something as wide as 52 inches but the are rather expensive. It was $100 plus for me to run a 48" table. If you go to RR I recommend you call first to schedule as they can be, especially on Saturdays. They also have a HUGE selection of...
  19. mpholway

    Assorted Router Bits for sale (they are all sold)

    They have all been sold....
  20. mpholway

    Rookie mistakes

    I had built a brand new work bench and then had a friend over to help make some cornhole boards. I am certain you can see where this is going..... I now have a perfect 6 inch circle cut into the top of my pristine work bench from where he drilled right through. The positive side is that I no...

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