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  1. MarkE

    Well, well, well- look what followed me home?

    Actually, I would love to pay 'full retail'. In 1952, Stanley sold the No. 2 for $7.45. :)
  2. MarkE

    Does anyone know of a carpenter or contractor that can do work in Valentines, VA?

    Thanks Scott. I am passing this along to my Daughter.
  3. MarkE

    Does anyone know of a carpenter or contractor that can do work in Valentines, VA?

    My Daughter is building a house in Valentines, VA. and is having a difficult time finding a contractor or carpenter in the area to help with some general carpentry work like installing windows, patio doors, basement stairs, deck/balcony. Thought I would reach out here on the chance that one of...
  4. MarkE

    Star knobs and threaded inserts

    I have used both types shown. For me, the Uxcell seem to work better in soft woods, pine etc. The EZ-Lock work better in harwdwoods.
  5. MarkE

    Millers Falls Braces

    I do have a couple of braces hanging around the shop. The one(s) I use the most are the North Bros. I don't really notice much difference in any of the braces in use, They all get the job done if the bit is properly sharpened.
  6. MarkE

    DIY Home, yea I guess

    "Well, PLEX can't do Blu-Ray, only DVD, so useless as a library." Not sure I understand what this means. I have about 1200+- movies on my NAS from all different sources and Plex can play them all. Mp4, MKV, .ts, etc. Are you trying to get Plex to play directly from a BluRay disc? Never tried...
  7. MarkE

    DIY Home, yea I guess

    You can run a Plex Server on a lot of devices. When I first started experimenting I installed Plex Server on a Lenovo TS-140 Thinkserver running plain old Windows 10. When I outgrew my Netgear Readynas Ultra 2-bay NAS, I replaced it with a Synology DS-920+. Plex Server can be installed/run on...
  8. MarkE

    DIY Home, yea I guess

    SIlicon Dust does have free apps for Windows, Android, IOS, XBox, Roku, Amazon Fire, Nvidia Shield that let you watch live TV. I use Plex to record over-the-air TV from the Silicon Dust tuners using a roof antenna. Bought a lifetime Plex Pass a few years ago ($119.99 now) for the TV guide data...
  9. MarkE

    DIY Home, yea I guess

    I use Plex Server(s) at home. It works great for music, recorded TV shows and movies, for me at least. Can access the Plex servers with clients on Windows, Roku, Amazon Fire devices, Android. I have a Nvidia Shield (Android TV) that accesses everything from the Plex servers as well as most...
  10. MarkE

    How to hang a chest drill?

    I keep my breast drill in a drawer, so not much help on hanging it. The actual breast plate should rotate if you loosen the screw holding it in place. All of the breast drill I have seen had the plate oriented side to side, in line with the handles. Your drill looks like a North Bros. design...
  11. MarkE

    Not exactly a work of art,

    Although prices continue to go up, you can get a slider for considerably less than $20k. The caveat being, you may need to adjust the fence and the blade height the old fashioned way, by hand.
  12. MarkE


    Glu Bot is an excellent solution to this problem. Inexpensive and a lifetime warranty from FastCap.
  13. MarkE

    A company who does not care: iVac

    Looks like they have a few telephone numbers listed on their contact us page.
  14. MarkE

    Retractable Air Hose Reels

    I have this one: A little more expensive than some others, but it has nice features. Good quality, flexible hose. Locks at (about) any length. Auto retract with a hose guide that keeps the hose evenly...
  15. MarkE

    Vise lining?

    I've always used leather. Doesn't really need to be very thick.
  16. MarkE

    A break from the planes... Millers Falls #3 drill

    Can't go wrong for $10. Any drill points in the handle?
  17. MarkE

    An unexpected surprise

    That is an old depth adjustment screw. Late 1800's, type 6 or so?
  18. MarkE

    Cutting Board Design Programs

    I have been using CBDesigner V2.0 for a few years. It works well but it does have a little learning curve and is somewhat limited in capability. But hey, it is free.
  19. MarkE

    Free Drum Sander (Sold)

    Wow. Wish I had the space.
  20. MarkE

    WEn lists a belt/spindle sander

    I recently got one of these to replace my 10+ year old Ridgid. Works great and uses the same consumables. My Ridgid is the first version and it is about impossible to find parts for it. Had a heck of time finding bearings for the drive drum since they are a non-standard size.

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