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  1. SSuther

    Large Walnut and Cedar Trees Available

    I have a friend who asked me if I know anyone who'd be interested in 3 large walnut trees (36 inch diameter) and over 50 large cedars (20 inch) that he needs to have removed from land in Rowan County. Don't have any idea what $$s he's thinking, but I told him I'd post here and provide his...
  2. SSuther

    Finished a Walnut Hall Table

    Wanted to show you that I actually do produce a bit of furniture from time to time. I finished this hall table right before Christmas to fill a request from my spouse for our entry hall. I designed it specifically to fill this space. Much of the work was done with hand tools which I enjoy using...
  3. SSuther

    Tool Gloat

    I recently helped a friend sell his house so that he and his spouse could go full time in their RV (!!!). Obviously, they had to clean out lots of stuff. I ended up receiving a couple of nice old saws, one a Disston back saw, and an old chisel. I've cleaned up the back saw and chisel. Here they...
  4. SSuther

    Tool Collector's Meeting coming Up

    The next meeting of the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association will be Saturday, November 7, at Bethania Moravian Church. Meeting Theme is Instruments- Unusual Musical Instruments including demonstration of the Bowed Dulcimer. Click HERE for brochure with full details and directions. Worth the...
  5. SSuther

    Woodworking and the Economy

    I've been curious about the effect of the economic downturn on those who earn income either full time or part time in some aspect of woodworking (excluding carpentry). I don't want to get into the eternal debate about ruining a good time by selling your work. That's the way it works for some...
  6. SSuther

    Stanley 45 Gloat

    Thought I'd post a photo or two of my new old Stanley 45 that I got at last weekend's meeting of the MWTCA at Bethania. It's in nice condition with a basic set of cutters and the original box and instructions. I already ran a test bead with one of the cutters, and it worked quite well. Been...
  7. SSuther

    Mooresville Hardwood Source- Tools, Too!

    I just came back from buying some nice rough walnut lumber from one of our members, Rick DiNardo, who operates The Moulding Source in Mooresville. I'd been wanting to find a source convenient to Mooresville and remembered the list on NCWW site. The Moulding Source is listed, so I called them...
  8. SSuther

    Small Walnut Chest

    Thought I'd show you my latest in a short list of projects. This is a small walnut chest I designed to sit beside my easy chair. My wife had been fussing about the crummy looking table/magazine rack we'd been using, so I had to do something! The wood is old air dryed walnut that I got out of my...
  9. SSuther

    Gloat and Need Advice

    I went to our local MWTCA meeting (Waxhaw) a couple of weeks ago and snagged two nice planes. One is a nicely used Stanley 93 shoulder plane. You may recall I'd asked advice on that awhile back. Got this one for a nice price, and it works well with no fettling required. The other is a wooden...
  10. SSuther

    Shoulder Plane Recommendations

    I recently decided that I needed to add a shoulder plane to my stable. I ordered and received a Veritas Large Shoulder Plane. I'm very impressed with the quality and ease of use. It was pretty sharp right out of the box. However, I'm thinking that it may be too large for my hands and the...
  11. SSuther

    New Mooresville Member

    My name is Stan Suther. I don't know where I stumbled into your site, but I'm happy I did. I live in Mooresville and run a real estate office for Century 21 in Troutman. The office is on the land where my house was when I grew up here. The shop I work in at home in Mooresville used to be...

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