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  1. Rick M

    Tommy Mac leaving Rough Cut When asked why, he replied that it was time for a change and that he was tired. I sort of expected this after he built that new shop. Looks like he will be starting a subscription service where he will do in depth videos.
  2. Rick M

    Can you measure your mortiser key?

    A 1/2 hp Craftex mortiser was given to me but it’s missing the chuck key. A Rohm S2A chuck (metric) key seems to fit but is too short so I can’t be sure it’s the right size; it is a 12 tooth, 6mm pilot, 17.6mm gear. The pilot hole on the mortiser chuck is 6mm so it’s probably the correct size. I...
  3. Rick M

    Free Mahogany veneer drawer fronts

    I salvaged drawers from a dresser for the 1/4" sides but can't think of any use for the curved drawer fronts which are plywood with mahogany veneer. Free to a good home, or bad home. Garner, NC They will go to the dump sometime this week so if interested, don't dally. Face down in the pic but...
  4. Rick M

    Keyboard not working correctly, odd issue

    This is a problem that occurs with some regularity and normally I would think it couldn't have anything to do with the forum but here is the only place it has ever occurred. Here's what happens: I make a post and afterward the keyboard no longer works correctly in this forum (works fine in any...
  5. Rick M

    HOT - Home Depot Garner, Makita 5 piece cordless kit, $200, YMMV

    Was at HD in Garner and they saw me looking at the 5 piece Makita kit. They offered an extra $50 off, then $100 off, in the end I got $125 off the sale price of $299. I had to apply for a commercial card...
  6. Rick M

    [DEAD] - Delta Midi Lathe $360 NEW at Amazon

    Delta Industrial 46-460 12-1/2-Inch Variable-Speed Midi Lathe currently $398 Down to $360 as of 10/7/16 One of the crazy Amazon price drops, no idea how long it will last. I had to pull the trigger, will...
  7. Rick M

    Free: 70 year old Oak Log, Raleigh North Hills

    This has been posted twice on Raleigh Freecycle. I don't know anything about it, just passing it along. :dontknow: I assume: smog=log and call=haul.
  8. Rick M

    Raleigh Area Picture Window Replacement ?

    Our picture window was cracked. I called 2 glass companies for an estimate and one guy said something peculiar, he said that if I called a glass company they would probably charge about half of what he charges. So, one, he's not actually a glass company and two, he's not very bright. But now I'm...
  9. Rick M

    Friend wants a bride and groom cake topper carved.

    Friend of mine is looking for someone to hand carve a bride and groom wedding cake topper. I don't know their budget or timeline but I can find out if anyone can do the commission.
  10. Rick M

    Lathe tailstock slipping

    Last fall I bought a Delta 46-111 which I repainted but hadn’t gotten around to using until today. Problem I’m having is the cam vibrates loose allowing the tailstock to slide backward on the bed and the workpiece comes loose. I took the tailstock apart and cleaned off all lubrication and...
  11. Rick M

    More Woodturning Chucks, Hurricane and Nova

    These are Amazon Warehouse deals, usually merchandise that has been damaged in the warehouse or occasionally returned by a customer. There is only one of each so if you click the link and it's gone, someone bought it. Warm deals: NOVA 48111 1-Inch 8TPI Direct Thread Precision Midi Wood...
  12. Rick M

    SuperNova 2 wood chuck $94

    About $40 off - I've actually been sitting on this one for a few days, tempted to buy it, but have decided not to. NOVA SuperNOVA2 23055 Wood Turning Chuck Insert Type
  13. Rick M

    Any draftsman?

    If so you'll recognize these tools by Alvin I picked up for a song. A beam compass, part of another beam compass or trammel points, compass, knife, proportional dividers and TWO equal spacing dividers; all for less than the value of proportional dividers alone. Seller had $50 or best offer, I...
  14. Rick M

    Bunch of Wood Lathe Chucks and Accessories

    I just bought a G3 or I'd be all over this. These are Amazon Warehouse Deals, they are basically damaged goods marked down and sold as "used". Delta Industrial 46-461 Reversible Nova G3-D Woodturning Chuck $88.25 (normally $120)...
  15. Rick M

    How do I unsubscribe from classifieds?

    Sometime last year I subscribed to the power tool section of classfieds and I want to unsubscribe but I cannot find a way to do that.
  16. Rick M

    Bernzomatic TS8000 $39 also has them at that price but no free shipping unless your order goes over $45. I rarely see them this cheap.
  17. Rick M

    Wood options for boat decking

    My aluminum boat needs a new floor and I'm mulling my options. Looking for opinions or experience as boat flooring is new to me. Boat is a 14.5' Grumman aluminum fishing boat, so this is a relatively simple project. The original floor was plywood and carpet, rotted away now. Previous owner...
  18. Rick M

    Change User Name

    I would like to change my user name to Rick M.; or if that is not available, to Rick McQuay. Wormil was my gamertag from back in the day but I don't play online anymore and it's a weird username for a woodworking forum
  19. Rick M

    Restoring my old lathes [warning: image heavy]

    I'm currently working on two lathes, and soon a third one. So updates might be on any one of them but I'll try to keep them orderly. First up is my 1920's Goodell Pratt. I used this for a short while but have decided to repaint and retire it. I'm going to build a display and put it in my...
  20. Rick M

    POWERTEC Slow Speed Bench Grinder, 8-Inch -- $49.99

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