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  1. MarkE

    Does anyone know of a carpenter or contractor that can do work in Valentines, VA?

    My Daughter is building a house in Valentines, VA. and is having a difficult time finding a contractor or carpenter in the area to help with some general carpentry work like installing windows, patio doors, basement stairs, deck/balcony. Thought I would reach out here on the chance that one of...
  2. MarkE

    Collapsed pail

    I started using my Clear Vue CV-06 mini cyclone and Ridgid shop vac for my sanders. The shop vac has a 2-1/2" hose, the sanders all use 1-1/4" hose. The suction was apparently too much for the CV-06 bucket causing it to collapse. So, how can I fix this bucket and how do I prevent this from...
  3. MarkE

    Pressure treated lumber

    Besides Lowes and Home Depot, does anyone in the Raleigh area sell pressure treated pine? I quoted a price to build a potting bench for a customer based on the prices I saw at the time. I checked again today and found that the price of 2x4x8' and also 5/4x6x8' had gone up by just about $2 each...
  4. MarkE

    Just in case anyone is looking for some big equipment.

    Refab Wood in Raleigh has decided to shut down. They are selling off all of their equipment. Might be of some interest to some around here. Check it out. Woodworking Tools and Machinery for Sale United States only
  5. MarkE

    2' x 2' foam floor tiles

    Saw these on FaceBook Marketplace. I use these in my shop. 2x2 square foam floor tiles 208 sq. Fr
  6. MarkE

    Excellent customer service from FastCap (GluBot)

    I have been using GluBot glue bottles for several years. I find them much easier to use than the 16 or 32 ounce bottles of Titebond. Plus I tend to buy glue in gallons to save a few dollars and use the gallons to refill the smaller bottles. The applicator tips on those smaller bottles eventually...
  7. MarkE

    Possible commission for someone

    I have a friend/customer that asked if I could build a vanity set for her that she wants to gift to her niece. This would be unfinished as she will be doing the paint job herself. I do not have the time to get this done for her in time for her to then get it painted before Christmas. Just...
  8. MarkE

    Dont know how long this will last. Jet 12" parallel clamps.

    Jet 70412-2 12" Parallel Clamp 2 Pack - Bar Clamps -
  9. MarkE

    Lenox customer service comes through

    This is an update to this thread I started back in August: So we are dealing with an expensive broken band saw blade. After reading the advice given in that thread I gave Lenox customer service a...
  10. MarkE

    Where can I get a band saw blade repaired?

    I was making a cut with my band saw this afternoon and got the #$%%# scared out of me. Heard a very loud BANG and the band saw blade disappeared. I shut everything down real quick, unplugged the saw and took a look inside. The blade had broken, not on the weld. I also noticed one tooth (maybe...
  11. MarkE

    Craftsman 16 gallon wet/dry vacuum, needs work. FREE come and get it.

    So I have a Craftsman 16 gallon wet/dry vacuum that needs work. The blower/impeller separated from the motor shaft. I tried a repair using JB Weld which held for a while, but it is now starting to vibrate again. I don't have the time or inclination to work on this again so I am offering it to...
  12. MarkE

    Grizzly T10010ANV on sale

    I have this wet grinder and it is a very good value, especially at this sale price. IMHO
  13. MarkE

    Need to have a couple of slabs surfaced

    I am looking find someone that can surface a couple of slabs for me. The widest one is about 32". They are about 60" - 65" long.
  14. MarkE

    What to do with a Grand Prize that I cannot use.

    I am absolutely thrilled that my ticket number was drawn for the raffle grand prize, the Rikon 15" helical head planer. What an awesome machine, donated by our awesome sponsor Klingspor. Problem (for me) is, I already have a 20" Grizzly planer with helical head. Don't need or have room for 2...
  15. MarkE

    Some poplar on Raleigh CL

    Might be good for someone. Seller says boards need to be treated for insects.
  16. MarkE

    Festool sander hose adapter

    I have a Festool 5-in. sander that I want to use with a shop vac hang-ups vacuum. The shop vac has a standard 1-1/4" hose end and the Festool has a Festool dust port What adapter is anyone using to fit these two together? Don't really want to pay $27 (or more) for the Festool adapter.
  17. MarkE

    Another tool upgrade :-)

    This actually happened a while back. I took advantage of Klingspors black Friday sale to upgrade my Rikon 10-305 to the new Rikon 10-306. The 10-306 has a few new features. Motor is stepped up from 1/3hp to 1/2hp. It also has 2 cutting speeds vs one on the 10-305. Toolless blade guides...
  18. MarkE

    New addition to the shop

    A recent tool purchase. (Finally figured out how to take a properly sized picture for upload, or not) This is a Grizzly G1033X 20" planer with spiral cutter head. An upgrade from the Grizzly G0453PX 15" planer. I added the Wixey WR550 remote digital readout. Still in the process of...
  19. MarkE

    Anyone need some DC/Vacuum hoses?

    I have a whole cabinet full of various size hoses to give away. Various diameters from about 1" to 5" and different lengths. These are dust collection hoses from old power tools, shop vac hoses and a few sections of 4" and 5" flex hose. Some have connectors on the ends and some don't.
  20. MarkE

    Anyone want woodworking magazines?

    I have a large box of woodworking magazines to give away. Wood, Woodsmith, Shop Notes, Woodcraft, Popular Woodworking and a few others.

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