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  1. richlife

    Not so "tough" after all...

    Another "hello" from a while back. There are a couple of threads a year apart that describe my journey -- this is where we left off: Still Tough... How does one say that despite all the angst and tough decisions, it finally did get better and nothing huge really changed? In sum, we spent a...
  2. richlife

    Still Tough...

    Less than a year ago I opened a question about a "Tough Decision". It SEEMS as if years have passed since then and re-reading that thread brings new appreciation for all the thoughts offered, however, another knee replacement/recovery...
  3. richlife

    Tough Decision

    So what do you do with a well-equipped shop when your "woodworking" is minimal? I haven't participated here much in the past couple of years -- mostly because my physical health has been impaired and my resulting desire for woodworking diminished. I've been recently trying to renew my...
  4. richlife

    For Sale: Nice Rough Cut Hardwoods

    I have 2000 board feet (or more) of almost 4-yr-old air dried 4/4 lumber -- $1500 OBO. It's mostly quarter-sawn red oak, as well as white oak and red maple with a little hickory. It was cut on a bandsaw mill (Roy Lynch, Lynchco), has been properly stacked, stickered and covered (on top) and...
  5. richlife

    Interesting Curiosity

    My sister-in-law is visiting in Krakow, Poland, and while walking in a park happened on this stump. Knowing my interests, she sent me the pic. No real idea how the square shape came about other than I expect it was bounded somehow. Rich
  6. richlife

    Dust Masks

    I'm putting in here a response that I made to Andy (CaptA) in his developing thread on dust collection: "And since you said, "My biggest concern is my lungs. I simply do not breathe as well as I used to." I also urge you to...
  7. richlife

    Just what HAVE I done this year?

    I said recently that I'm trying to work NCWW back into my life and that I have a new (to me) table saw, but you may still ask what have I been doing all this year. My wife has an potentially deadly allergy to meat (alpha-gal -- see: ). To help try to overcome this problem we...
  8. richlife

    Table Saw Brag

    I just bought the Delta 36-670 table saw that Ed Dews had in the NCWW classifieds and I just cannot help but puff out my chest and say: "Thanks, Ed". Ed takes great care of his tools. This saw is wonderful -- especially for me who has had a small Skil contractor saw for about 25 years and...
  9. richlife

    Trying to get back on board.

    I think I've said it before, but it bears repeating. There is an old Chinese curse that goes, "May you live in interesting times!" A year ago I was thinking that I had been there done that. A year later now and I'm thinking that I sure hope all that is over for a while. The really bad...
  10. richlife

    Classified: How to pay?

    I'm trying to purchase an item in Classifieds, indicated to Buy, and in a PM told the seller, Ed D. He's accepted the offer of $0.00 that was listed on the ad and the ad is now gone. We both understand that the price for the table saw listed in the add is $400. Is there some way I was to have...
  11. richlife

    Request for Quote: Jerk Boxes (Weight Lifting Equipment)

    My son-in-law, Brian Lora, has been successfully participating in regional "World's Strongest Man" competitions for the past few years. He needs this equipment made (essentially strong support boxes) and I just don't have time to get it done by Spring when he needs it. Full details are linked...
  12. richlife

    New Porch/Grill Space: What I Did This Summer

    This started out as a "two-week project" that ended up taking 2 1/2 months. Since it was "short term" I went at it aggressively and as it still didn't get finished, kept working harder and longer. I became very single-minded about it and didn't get much of anything else done -- not even...
  13. richlife

    How to Edit Signature

    I've searched around, but I can't figure out how to edit my signature. I did it before, but the site changed since. I hope this isn't too obvious and I'll keep looking, but... Rich
  14. richlife

    Where are the Clasified Rules?

    When we post a classified ad, we must click the box for " I have read, and agree to the rules for posting Ads. " but I haven't been able to find those Rules. I wonder if anyone has ever seen them. Rich
  15. richlife

    Reduced: Selling 10 Years of Fine Woodworking Magazine

    Some of you may be interested but would not know to look so I just wanted to say that I put these up for sale. I can't figure out how to modify the ad yet, so I'll add here that I'll consider OBO. Please reply through...
  16. richlife

    Had To Say It Again -- Thanks, Stave

    I've been working on a small carving for a good friend who recently and unexpectedly lost her son (only 38). Over and over while doing this carving (a little different than most I do), I found myself automatically utilizing some of the techniques Mark helped us to develop in his one day class...
  17. richlife

    New Grill Cabinet

    Two years ago, I posted some .jpgs of a Sketchup for a planned case for my grilling area. All these pics are in my gallery, but that case is shown here: . There is also a Sketchup of my house where I planned to...
  18. richlife

    Storing Mineral Spirits

    Well, after doing some searching, I think I may need the help of a petroleum chemist or a a chemical engineer! :confused: We have probably all used mineral spirits at one time or another, but I'm having a (relatively) minor problem with storage. I typically buy a gallon at a time. I've kept...
  19. richlife

    Is there a new thread for new tips?

    Personally, I really think this new format and engine are great. Some learning and exploring to do, sure -- but to me it's far more intuitive and more consistent with some of the other "discussion" sites that I like the best. And some new features like "Auto-Save" are just fantastic! We'll...
  20. richlife

    Best of Fine Woodworking

    Before they started the annual Fine WoodWorking Archive DVDs, Taunton released a CD titled "The Best of Fine WoodWorking" in 2002. It's not comprehensive like the Archives and is not quite as well organized, but it is an excellent selection of "authoritative woodworking information". I THINK...

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