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  1. Warren

    For Sale Nova Lathe 1624-44

    For Sale: Nova 1624-44 with 24" extended bed and hand wheel. Distance between centers- 68"
  2. Warren

    Bowl and spindle turning suspended

    Had the need for something challenging. Decided to make a curved top trunk. Using my pencil sketches, made main "dovetailed "box as it was not the the challenge. Using a bent piece of wood to lay out lid. Then, fun began learning how to cooper the curve, cut/try failed. U Tube had a lot of...
  3. Warren

    Digital angle gage

    My Wixi gage died and looking to replace it. All the amazon ratings are about the same, between 58-79% 5 stars. The Wixi was to difficult to consistently zero and sometimes repeat angle readings would vary ~ -0.1 to 0.2 degrees. This was a common complaint with a lot of the gages reviewed...
  4. Warren

    lathe motor died

    My nova 1624-44 has functioned flawless for 6-7 years. Turned it off today for lunch. Later there was no response when I tried to start it. Have power to lathe. Hand spin and try to start = nothing (no hun, noise, etc.). The motor is induction 4 pole. The switch box has a 60mf cap that is not...
  5. Warren

    unable to post a response

    Earlier I was logged in and tried to post a response to a question. An error message stated that I did not have permission to perform that function . I don't post often but, have been able to in the past. Did I do something wrong in this effort?
  6. Warren

    Password will not save when I log out.

    I check the box to remember me and it does not. Even MS EXPLORER does not remember me when I log on. Am I doing something wrong? (don't know why italics turned on) Warren
  7. Warren

    Shower replacement

    Recently I ask for feedback on shower problems in my five year old house. Everyone's comments were a big help but I may not do the replacement myself. The suggestion to use HF pneumatic punch helped in removing the tile and floor thinset. Finally got around to destruction of the old one.:wsad...
  8. Warren

    Electrical Problem

    I have a 15 inch Pwermatic planer that has about 50-70 hours of use. Today I started to plane some 4/4 rough lumber and hit the start button. No response. Being a mechanical engineer with miminal practical electical experience, I need help on starting my toubleshooting adventure. I have a VOM...
  9. Warren

    Replace shower

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but..... :dontknow: My shower has developed serious leaks and has soaked the sub floor. I would guess that whoever installed it did not use the latex liner that nust be used on the floor. It looks as if I need to rip it out to the studs and...
  10. Warren

    Joinery using hand tools

    During the last shop crawl, there were some discussions about woodworking using only manual hand tools. A couple of shops had scrub planes and bow saws. I heard some questions regarding flatting boards with hand planes and some about bow saws. I used these when I first started on this slippery...
  11. Warren

    Using paint

    Hi all. I am in need of some help. Preferring natural wood, I do not normally use paint. However, client (the better half) demands it. I'm making some storage cabinets using southern yellow pine and need to paint them white. So far, I've sealed the wood, added two coats of primer (kilzs), and...
  12. Warren

    dust collection

    Being a newbie, I recently read the post about table saw overhead dust collection. It went on for awhile. However, couldn’t find the final results. I liked the truck mudflap skirt (?). I have tried wallpaper paste brushes, paint brushes, and all sorts of drapes and had no real luck collecting...
  13. Warren

    Some completed projects

    I have had a few requests for some photos of my projects. Unfortunately, al lot has gone to kids, garandkids and others. I've made beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, hall tables, entertainment centers, boxes and who knows what else. I did construct 2 kitchens of melamine cabinets but did not take...
  14. Warren

    New to site

    Hi, I recently moved to this area (eastern Wake) after retiring. After many, many years I finally have my shop close to completion. Each new project requires things I need(?). As money and opportunity arose, I have added to the shop. Before we moved, I make a complete set of kitchen cabinets...

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