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    Post what you're building..

    Very interesting idea. Thanks for sharing.
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    Chair Repair Needed

    They would be better off to have Danmart77 make one for them.
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    Bed Post Design Question

    My test showed 1/2 inch to be about right. Thanks!
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    Bed Post Design Question

    Thanks for the help. I'm first going to redraw with smaller spacing between the elements, then just see how thick a dowel has to be before I can't break it. That should tell me the minimum from a function standpoint. I'll tackle the "form" from there. I want to keep classical proportions...
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    Bed Post Design Question

    I'm designing some Colonial style cannon ball bedposts which will be turned out of cherry. Is there any guideline on how small a diameter should be left between turned elements above the bed rail level? I'm using 1 inch below the rail as a minimum, but above the rail with an urn, bell, and...
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    WIP: Mid Century Modern Cabinet

    Very nice looking cabinet! I like the way you mitered the legs from a design standpoint.
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    So they are called PAPR

    I have the 3 M PAPR and it works great. Yes it is expensive, but a trip to the doctor for serious asthma attack clearly showed I needed one. I had been using the Eclipse mask. Got mine from EnviroSafety.
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    Resaw and milling services in WNC?

    I've used Tidewater. They are OK, but not anywhere as good as the Hardwood Store in Gibson. Have a limited selection of product and are relatively expensive for less than 100 BF.
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    Vectric Newsletter

    Pretty amazing stuff.
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    New Wood Lathe

    Glad you got the new set up, and I can't wait to see what you try next with it.
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    Wow. This is intricate! Great work.
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    Wood choice for farm house trestle table

    I have used ask for a similar build and found it quite satisfactory.
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    Up for a friend

    I like that. Thanks for showing it!
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    A Few test bowls

    very nice
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    Fritz and Frans Jig

    I used maple for mine and it works just fine. I'm sure the Ipe will work as well. Just make it as tight as you can in the T slot.
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    Young wood turner looking for scrap wood to turn! HELP

    Packard Woodworks is a great on line store for turning tools. they have great services as well.
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    Babies on the way

    I think it looks great.
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    The Hardwood Store of NC Status

    My experience with THS has been quite good. While it was an easy trip when I lived in Durham, it is not so easy from Anderson, SC. HOWEVER, I have tried sourcing closer to my home, and found that sometimes it is still worth the long drive to THS from a quality standpoint. The drive negates...

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