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    Charlotte Area Members We Want Your Input

    Always interested but work always gets in the way. Keep me in the distribution and I'll try to participate. Thanks.
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    Prayers for TracyP (Update 8/18)

    Re: Prayers for TracyP Best wishes for a speedy recovery and return to increased shop time.
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    Free raffle ticket

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    The Return of Shamrock-now as a North Bennet Street Student!

    Most exciting to hear about you adventures. I will definitely live the dream through your blog. You will excel I'm sure! Bill
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    Wood Storage Shed

    Enlarge it now, before it is too late!
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    What to do with 2x2x6 Ipe?

    Had a similar question with unused ipe so I made it into a cutting board. It was too heavy to be used!
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    Darn looks like I am three degrees off

    Sure beats the weather here in CO!
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    2015 Annual Picnic May 16

    Sure hate I'll miss this event this year.
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    New workshop

    Nice! I need/want one.:gar-Bi
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    I keep multiple sets dependent on use. Best are Lie-Nielsens, second is Narex. Also have a beater set for damaging uses.
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    Sanding question - Need to Improve my Techniques

    You might also consider using the ETS finish sander versus the RO as you progress into higher grits. I find the tighter stroke makes a difference At later sanding stages.
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    New workshop

    Congrats on the new build! Looking forward to following your progress and pics. Enjoy.
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    Pony express request

    Thanks for the assistance Jim. I'm second on the sale list so it will not likely materialize, but thanks.
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    Pony express request

    Think I have it worked out thanks to Mr. Bender. Thanks Greg!
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    Pony express request

    Questioning the possibility of a PE from Raleigh to Mooresville or close. Any options?
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    The INCA has landed

    Congrats Dino, very nice. I too have the older Delta 3 wheeler that I use for smaller and curved cuts and have no breakage issues. The 16" depth was the reason I traded up from the 10 footprint. Larger tasks go to the 16HD Laguna so if you have room for 2 bandsaw this is a nice arrangement.
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    New Inca band saw

    Have you been able to make this happen?
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    Building Shop Cabinets

    Very bright and neat, great job. Plenty of cabinet vacancies for growth too! I like the rough lumber drawer fronts! Making your pulls too?
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    Building Shop Cabinets

    Be sure to allow cabinet space for your new Festools. Their new diy drawers fit really well.
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    A rare event ... Kapex 10% Off

    MDF hardboard works great for a ZCI on the Kapex as well and easy to make a patterned batch quick and inexpensive.

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