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    Construction lumber costs

    Not long ago there were a plethora of posts , with a lot of great pics, concerning the rise in the cost of construction lumber. We went for a couple of hours drive around rural Lancaster County, SC last week and I was astounded with the number of large, really nice houses we saw under...
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    Bosh Jigsaw 1587AVS

    This has been a really good jigsaw for a long time. The "handle", sure this is not the proper name, which you pull up and turn to loosen the bade, it has a rachet action, and then turn the opposite direction and push down to tighten is giving a problem. I do not want to start taking it apart yet...
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    Raffle tickets, how to buy

    I have found I am usually not in the boat by myself so I decided to pass this along. I would click on the banner and a window would open but I could not see anywhere to buy raffle tickets. I had given up. Decided to try again this morning. Each time I clicked on the banner I would see the word...
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    Timber Wolf BS blade

    For no particular reason I bought a TW BS blade. The blade came with instructions for blade tensioning. For lack of a better term, actually their term, I will call it the flutter method. Anyone have any experience with this method. Any comments or experience with this blade will be appreciated.
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    what is this (second try)

    Hopefully better pictures this time. The pictures of this just sanded are washed out. This picture the wood is wet (no stain). I found this board in my barn. Sure it has been there at least 10 years. There was only one board and it had cherry written on the end. This does not look like any...
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    what is this

    I must have had the board this came from for over 15 years. I found it in the barn. The end of the board had cherry written on it. If it is cherry I have never seen any like this before and I have used a lot of cherry from many sources over the years. It is easy to work with and sands and...
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    need to round over inside edge

    I need to round over curved inside edges in an area to small for a router. What is the best thing to use? I am sure there is a correct name for what I need but I do not know what it is. I have looked at a number of tool web sites but can not find a "thingy" as my wife called what I need. A flat...
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    off topic

    do I have to go to "forum list" and open "off topic" to see "off topic" threads I guess I am a little confused because when I open "Forums" I see threads about multiple subjects but not my "off topic" thread hope this makes sense
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    font size

    opened a post and all of a sudden the font size changed and is so small I can barely read it, tried to change the fort size in this post and could not do so, closed and reopened the web site and it did not help
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    Leveling BS table

    I need to level my BS table front to back. I bought some plastic shims because they are open on one end and you do not need to remove the bolt. I learned to hate them very quickly. They slide out as you tighten the bolt. I thought I had seen some brass washer type shims at HD but can not find...
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    Have bought Delta parts several times from Renovo. Just did a web search and can not find them. Does anyone know if they are still in business?
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    clear exterior wood sealer

    I have a western cedar gazebo I want to put a clear penetrating sealer on. I have used Cabot products before and been happy with them. There clear sealer is a water base. I have not used a water base product very often but have not been real pleased with then, not Cabot. I have used Thompson...
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    Gazebo placement

    Bought a 12x14 Gazebo kit. It will be placed on the concrete deck at one end of the pool. Now ready to take all finished parts to the deck to complete putting it together. Being a little slow I just thought about the pool deck being sloped to allow for water run off. Everything I have read has...
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    Dovetail bits

    I am still working my way through all my "stuff" that I mothballed 20 years ago. I pulled out a box of straight and dovetail bits. Drilled a board with 1/2" holes and started to label the bits. This is when I realized I do not have a way to measure the angle of the dovetail bits. Any suggestions?
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    Looking for a thread

    In the last several weeks someone posted pictures of the band saw they are restoring. I lost my note with the info to find it. One of the pictures showed the upper wheel guard with a section of the back cut out. This allowed you to see the tracking adjustment arm. I also think the color of the...
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    Incra Jig Ultra

    Over 20 years ago I bought the Incra Jig Ultra. It has been sitting on top of a cabinet for over 15 years. I needed a fence for the router table so I pulled the jig down. I decided since I had gone through the trouble of cleaning it up and replacing some small items I might as well use it for...
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    using sled with planner

    Would the stop on the end of the sled allow the planning of shorter pieces or would the stop be ripped off when disaster happened? If possible, how short?
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    52" Delta TS extension

    The particle board extension on my 1992 Delta 52" Unisaw is worn and rough. I am trying to decide what to replace it with. Will melamine or MDF be a better option than particle board. Any other suggestions will be appreciated. The particle board does not have inserts for the screws. Would they...
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    Riving knife

    I have a 92 Unisaw. The blade guard and all that came with it were tossed not to long after buying it. I do not want a blade guard so the shark guard is out. I just want a riving knife. I have a micro splitter. Does a riving knife exist for this saw. I have read where one does not exist. I...
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    walnut color

    I made a small walnut table top with some nice inlay work. It was for my wife and she did not like it. So I made the table out of cherry. The top ended up in the back of a closet where it has been for over 15 years. I pulled it out and decided to finish it and give it to a friend. I bought some...

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